Thursday 4 April 2019

Five Pixi Skincare Favourites

Five Pixi Skincare Favourites
Five Pixi Skincare Favourites
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Pixi has some of my favourite skincare products, but with the lots of new ranges being released it can be a little overwhelming if you're new to the brand. Before their new glow tonic, vitamin c and hydrating collections came out, I had tried out my fair share of products from them, so I feel like narrowing down my five must-haves from Pixi to you. If you're looking to invest then I'd recommend you read on. 

First up has to be Pixi's most famous product and that's Glow Tonic*. It's a chemical exfoliator enriched with glycolic acid to promote a brighter complexion with the aloe and witch hazel ingredients helping to soothe the skin and decrease any blemishes you may have. It's one that I've been using for years now and I always come back to it as my skin really enjoys it especially when it's feeling a little on the dry side. I've got to give a quick mention to the GLOW Sheet Mask* which is in the same family as Glow Tonic and after just three uses, I'm absolutely smitten and it seriously brightens my complexion in an instant. 

If you're wanting a physical exfoliator then I'd recommend opting for Peel and Polish*, a face scrub that gets to work to rid the skin of dry patches, leaving the skin looking brighter and feeling softer. I've used several tubes of this already and if I had to choose, this would be my favourite product from them (eeek! it's hard to pick!).  

I've got both the Hydrating Milky Cleanser and Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel on my wishlist after the success of the Rose Cream Cleanser*. This offering has taken over my love for the Caroline Hirons Cleansing Oil Duo* just a little bit as I like that it's in a easy squeeze tube instead and I feel like the product is never ending considering how much I use it. Despite the cream formula, which can sometimes leave a film on my skin, this one makes my complexion not only feel a lot cleaner, it removes my makeup very well and makes it feel smooth too. It's nothing too fancy and if you're looking for something that's going to blow your socks off maybe this isn't for you, but for when my skin is feeling on the sensitive side and I just need the job done this is perfect. 

Another simple pick is the Rose Ceramide Cream* (can you see the trend here?). Their rose range in general is delightfully scented and my skin loves when I used it too, so I was happy that it also reacted well to this moisturiser. It's quite thick but it sinks in quickly and leaves my complexion not only feeling at all sticky. It's a good allrounder that soothes as well as nourishes and never has broke me out, something a lot of thicker formulas tend to do if I'm not careful. 

The newest addition to this line up and up until the other week, it wasn't even going to be included in this post, but after using them multiple times I have to give them a mention. The DetoxifEYE Eye Patches* instantly makes a difference to the eye area by refreshing and hydrating. These have already saved me recently as hayfever is playing havoc with my skin and these help to soothe in ten minutes. You can 30 pairs in the tub, which I think is great and I'm sure that they'll come in handy over the next season too. 

What are your favourite Pixi skincare products? 

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