Sunday 14 April 2019

The Top Basket Bags Under £50

Top Budget Affordable Basket Bags Under £50
Top Affordable Basket Bags Under £50
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Last year, a basket bag was top of my wishlist, but by the time I decided I wanted one at the start of Summer, it was too late and everywhere had sold out. This year, I got in their first picking up this South Beach Round Straw Bag and I've now added a few more to my wishlist in the meantime. 

I know how expensive the wicker, bamboo and straw bags can get, so I thought I'd put together an ultimate list of my top picks all under £50 - some of which are absolute steals! 

The round bags are usually the most popular, so it's handy to get in their first. Mango are great for handbags in general and although they're on the higher end of the scale, they're beautiful nevertheless. This one in particular looks lovely in my opinion, but they even do them in different shapes like a tortoise one (more expensive than £50 though, but I did have to give it a quick mention). 

Topshop is another place that I love checking in one as some of my most long lasting bags have been from them. The Saffi Wicker Grab Bag is definitely one that I think a few people would like the look of and the sturdiness of the material means that it can carry your belongings with no problem. The Skyla Straw alternative is a little different and the tortoiseshell handle makes it a little different to the rest of my top picks.  
Top Straw Round Basket Bags Under £50Top Straw Round Basket Bags Under £50
Of course it goes without saying that ASOS may still be one of my favourite places to browse and they have so many gems in right now when it comes to these sorts of bags. This Glamorous Boxy offering would be great for anybody looking for something a little bit more understated and the white detailing means that it'll add a Summer spin to any outfit. 

Similarly, another understated pick and one that I'm very tempted to pick up next is the Liars and Liars Black Cross Body Bag which structured exterior and gold hardware really draws me in. I think it's important to find one with the right shape, size and type of handle that you like. If you want something to stand out a little bit more then this My Accessories Half Moon Bag which is also similar to ASOS' own one are two great ones to check out. 

Do you like the basket, bamboo and straw bags I've picked out? Let me know your favourites!

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