Tuesday 28 August 2018

Three Blogging Tips To Know

I feel like in blogging there are certain things that aren't talked about like money, but giving out advice is another taboo subject too as there are so many ways to blog and go about things. Saying this, I wanted to compile a list of just a few of my blogging tips and discoveries I've made over the years that might help some of you out. 

Have A Plan B | Now when making money through affiliate links, I think it can be easy to put all your eggs in one basket and stick with just one site. Affiliate links work in different ways depending on which site you use, some use earn per click which means you earn a tiny amount if somebody clicks on that specific link or you earn per sale which means you only get a percentage of that sale if someone buys the product (at no extra cost to them ever!). The reason why I say use different affiliate sites for these is that you don't get your percentage straight away, you often have to reach a certain threshold ie. £20, £100 and if you're slowing building this up anything can happen in the process like the site shutting down and you don't want to have to start from scratch with a different site. For instance I use four sites for a range of different affiliate links this way I can cover a broad range of shops, brands and companies too. 

Social Media | Now I'm not saying you have to be on any social media to start a blog, but if you want to get yourself out there to more people then it's definitely the easier way to go about things. Trust me when I tell you I know what it feels like to stretch yourself too thin over too many social media platforms, that's why I like to keep it to three; Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Different platforms use different strategies, I schedule my tweets for Twitter, creating eye catching, engagement content for Instagram and share photographs to Pinterest and Pinterest boards. 

I use Tweetdeck to schedule my tweets as I find it the simplest, I rely on myself to post on Instagram, currently using Unfold to create some funky looking Insta Stories (although new apps come out and things change!) and I push Pinterest photographs when I see fit, usually in the morning that the post goes live. I think having easy to find handles are great to make sure people can find you on everything with ease. 

Let's Talk Money | If you've come here to see how much you should charge for your sponsored blog posts or Instagrams then you've come to the wrong person as I've been given all sorts of advice and guides over the years, yet it's taken me to this year to really judge what I should be charging. Things to consider is views, engagement, social media following, DA, how much work it'll take etc. If you get 1000 views on a blog post and you're getting lots of click throughs to the product you're promoting or getting comments engaging with what you're saying these are all valuable assets and one's to consider when putting together you're pricing. 

I get a lot of questions about how to approach the topic of charging to the PR and 80% of the time it'll be mentioned to me first, but I've definitely asked if there's a budget if I feel like there are lots of specifics the PR wants. I always go by 'if you don't ask, you don't get' and knowing your worth should always be at the forefront of your mind. Saying this, if you don't want to charge a brand, don't. There's no one rule for everybody! 

Disclaimer: This is what has worked for me, I am no expert when it comes to the ins and outs of blogging. I work hard, always follow guidelines and I try to keep up with new approaches to blogging. 

What are your top blogging tips? 

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