Thursday 30 August 2018

A Pixi Makeup Round Up

Amongst all the amazing products Pixi has released, people's minds tend to wander to their skincare range rather than makeup, but today I'm sharing with you all of the pieces from my collection and my thoughts too. 

Pixi makeup was never really on my radar for a while, but their Weylie Eyeliner* which came with their eyeshadow palette is one of the most long lasting eyeliners I've ever tried - it seriously doesn't budge! After using this one up, I switched to their single Eyeliner* and it's just as good. 

I recently did a full post on the Pixi Pretties, so I won't go into too much detail, but the Cholette Palette* is a great multitasker as it has a range of eyebrow, eyeshadow and blusher shades to choose from. If you prefer a natural look on your eyes then you definitely won't need for any other eyeshadow and the same goes for blushers, as there's three for all different occasions. 

The Cafe Con Dolce Palette* is made up of nine shimmering shades that have a powder to cream formula that can be used on your cheeks and lid for a pop of highlighter in the inner corner or a sweep of colour on the apples. They're not the most wearable shades and you may struggle to use them all, but if you like experimenting or you're a fan of shimmer then it's definitely one to give a swatch. 

I've tried both their Liquid Lipsticks* and their Cake Lip Icing* and although the latter is my favourite, the liquid lipsticks are still super lovely, comfortable and come in a range of easy, everyday shades. The lip icing makes my lips look fully and healthy, my only problem I have with them is that it's in the same packaging as their Liquid Fairy Lights* which gets quite confusing when you're reaching for a lipgloss and getting eyeshadow. Talking of the liquid eyeshadow, they're definitely for the glitter lover as they pack a lot of punch, but BareBrillance and Rose Gold are the two shades that I decided to keep in my makeup bag. 

The Glow-y Gossamer Duos* are highlighters that add a gorgeous glow to anywhere you apply it. Delicate Dew is my favourite of the two as it gives that wet look that looks natural, yet super radiant at the same time. I've been using it so much since I got sent it and I'm so happy I gave it a good shot. 

I've got a few of their eye makeup products on top of their liquid eyeshadows too including their Mascara Primer* which is nothing mind blowing when applied to the upper lashes, but it's great for the lower ones and the Endless Silky Eye Pens* which are another one of their eyeliners that don't budge and is insanely pigmented. They have bright offerings that aren't for the faint hearted, but I find the matte ones really workable into my everyday routine. 

The Extra Eye Bright Liner* is great when ran along the waterline to brighten up the whole eye and it's particularly good when paired with just a simple layer of mascara for an everyday, relaxed look. 

What Pixi makeup have you tried? 

If a product is marked with a * it is a PR sample. This post contains affiliate links. 

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