Friday 6 July 2018

Top Tips On Taking Blog Photos In The Summer

I find taking photographs in the Summer super difficult as the blue skies play havoc with my colour balance and I struggle with general inspiration for my flatlays. I feel like it's been a while since I shared some more of my blog photography tips, so here are they are! 

Just Wait | You're probably thinking "that isn't an helpful tip Lily", but with it getting dark at such a late time at the moment, taking the pressure off yourself to photograph at certain time of the days can help too. I know some people rely on the weekends, but even waiting just an hour or two later can make all the difference to how to light casts shadows on your images. 

If In Doubt, Block It Out | I've spoken about this before, but if I'm really struggling with photographs, I put a white sheet over my window to block out the harsh blue light and then edit it brighter afterwards. This isn't always the best, but if you're struggling with photographs and you only have that afternoon then this may work well with you. I remember seeing this tip on another blog, so if you know who it is then let me know so I can credit them! 

Flowers are Your Friends | There's something about the colour of fresh blooms and how I can make them look all pretty in a blurred background that just makes my heart sing. If I have a bunch of blooming peonies, you can bet that I'll have a photography day or two dedicated to taking images when them in even if I don't get to use these stock images for weeks or maybe months. This is a great way to stock up on images for lifestyle posts or when you need some generic shots for Instagram. 

Let's Not Forget Fashion | I originally was going to dedicate this post to purely indoor photography, but with my recent delve into fashion content I had to share a top tip for that too. It's nothing too groundbreaking at all as I stick to picking places that I know will be gone once Summer's gone. Lavender fields, fruit picking and the glorious fields of flowers won't stick around forever, so I think it's nice seeing them on my Instagram even if five other people take them similarly - it's Summer and before we know it we'll all be layered under scarves and hats so I say go for it! 

What are your top Summer blog photography tips? 

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