Sunday 1 July 2018

5 Things I've Added To My July To-Do List

I know I say this every month, but I can't quite believe where the time goes and now we're half way through the year it's become even more obvious that before we know it it'll be Christmas again. I've got a pretty hectic month ahead of me and I wanted to share with you what on my current to-do list. 

Enjoy our time away | We've got two weeks off work in July to go on holiday to Wales, go to a race in Exmoor and enjoy having a few days in-between to relax at home. It's going to be weird having half the month off, but it's very much needed. I want to make the most of it by only shooting products or outfits when I want to rather than feel like I need to, so I've been working hard to get all my work finished so I can enjoy the time off. 

Plan Trips | Once the holidays are done, I know I'll feel in a bit of a lull having nothing else planned, but after our Joe Lycett gig, I'm going to look into places to go, potential holidays to book and things to do in our local so that we still have things to look forward to for the rest of the Summer. A lavender field visit, a trip to London, fruit picking and much more are currently on the cards. 

Find Some Tasty Summer Recipes | I struggle with eating in the Summer because all I want to do is pick at foods and although this isn't necessarily a bad thing at all, I just want to add a bit more variety. I don't want to be stuck in the hot kitchen for hours over the stove, so I'm on the hunt for some nice Summer recipes maybe salads, vegetarian platters etc. Any recommendations would be welcomed. 

Just Enjoy The Sunshine | The weather has been super warm and glorious recently, so I'm hoping to just enjoy it. I've got a soft spot for pub gardens so I'm hoping to head there with friends this month and even have an evening picnic to watch the sun go down. 

Find A New Rug + A New Duvet Cover | Probably quite a mundane task to many, but I love finding new homeware pieces for my house. At the moment I'm eyeing up a new rug from Pimkie (who knew ASOS did so much interior pieces) and they're all so super affordable and in the sale, so they're calling me. My duvet covers are looking a bit shabby, but Urban Outfitters have some amazing patterns in that are super cute like this dreamy set and peach one too! 

What's on your July to-do list? 

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