Sunday 9 July 2017

A List Of My Blogging Essentials

Everybody's blogging essentials are different; mine have certainly changed over the years. I've gone from little to no editing on my photographs to being pretty skilled on the Photoshop front and I've upgraded my laptop a few times since I first started. Today, I thought I'd share with you my blogging tools, from what camera I use to how I plan my blog posts. 

Laptop | Up until my old laptop broke last year, I wanted a MacBook for the longest time. So when it was -unexpectedly- time for an upgrade, the Air was top of my list. For me, it's perfect because it doesn't exactly what I want, is fast and easy to use - Plus it weighs absolutely nothing making it great for travelling. 

Camera | The camera in the main photograph isn't actually the one I use (sorry!), but what I use to take my photographs is one of the questions I am often asked. I currently use the Canon 600D with 50mm lens and it's great for me. I've thought about switching up my lens, but the 50mm is perfect for the blurry background shots as well as being easy to use for flatlays too. I've had the Canon body for over four years now and -touch wood- it's still going strong. 

Blogger, Wordpress or Squarespace? | I've actually tried all three in different lines of work, but for my own blog, Blogger wins hands down. For me, I like being able to write in a place without having to think too much about it and Blogger is the perfect platform to do that. Aside from the few troubles I've had with it not autosaving, everything has run smoothly. I do get asked if I would ever move over to Wordpress for more creative control, but at the moment I'm happy with keeping it simple. 

A Proof Reader | I try and proof read my work as well as I can, making sure I leave a couple of days between writing and re-reading. Saying this, I sometimes need a little extra help and that is where another person comes in handy. I'm sure my blog would be full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors if it wasn't for him. A proof reader doesn't have to be an essential for everybody as there are some really great tools on the internet for spell checking and as I previously mentioned, you can be a great proof reader of your own work too. 

Editing Software | Investing in Photoshop was one of the best things I've done, but I didn't originally get it for blogging, it was for my personal photography. For blogging it isn't necessary, but if you're as picky about curves, colour correcting and erasing any bits of fluff as I am, then it is certainly a treat. 

Lighting | Another photography based question I get asked is about what lighting I use and the answer is it's all natural. When I lived in my old flat, I was fortunate to have top to floor open windows that lit the room up, but when we moved to our cottage, I had to make do with a bay window to let in light. It was a struggle to begin with, but in the end it was a blessing in disguise as it's stopped me from overexposing my images and concentrating more on editing and making my camera do the work for me. 

Stationery, All The Stationery | Notepads, diaries and any pretty stationery pieces are my biggest vice, I can't leave the shop without one. Rifle Paper Co remains one of my favourite brands for dreamy looking stationery and that's where I keep a notepad full of blog post ideas or noting down important details for future collaborations/dates. 

Props | Aside from some confetti and copper bells, all of the props I use for my photographs are items I have around the house. The blankets are from my sofa, the washi tape is used for my scrapbook and the ornaments are usually scattered amongst my homeware. My marble background is actually a £4 self adhesive film from Wilkos, the white background I use is my coffee table and the faux white wooden flooring is something that I had made up for me many years ago now (it needs another lick of paint!). 

A Digital Calendar | I love writing everything down and keeping a paper diary, but when it comes to planning blog posts, nothing beats a calendar on your laptop or computer. It enables you to switch around your blog titles, making sure all of your upcoming posts are in an order that you're happy with. 

What are your blogging essentials? 

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