Saturday 1 July 2017

5 Things I've Added To My July To-Do List

Summer is now in full swing and although the weather suggests that we're actually in the midst of Autumn, I have been trying to make the most of my sudden Summer inspiration. Here are five things I've added to my July to-do list: 

Save | I've got a few expensive months coming up with Paris in August, Scotland in September and I tend to start saving for Christmas around the start of Autumn too. I want to start making a conscious effort to save, only buying products I am truly lusting after and saving my pennies for a little splurge in Paris. 

Work Smarter | After a chat with a few bloggers, I feel even more inspired to take my blogging to the next level and really start putting everything I have into my little space on the internet. I'm going to take some inspiration from From Roses; working smarter not harder, making sure that I get everything ticked off my to do list during the week and spend less time getting distracted. 

Embrace The Warmer Days | With the spate of warmer weather the other week, I was starting to embrace the warmer days (despite doing very little work because it was so hot!). I want to spend more time outside in our garden caring for our plants or just eating our dinner as the evenings just start to get cooler. We've also got an outdoor cinema trip planned and maybe even a trip to the beach!

Find Tasty New Meals To Try | Over the course of the past twelve months or so, I've really been making an effort to eat seasonally, incorporate different recipes into my weekly meal plans and experiment with new ingredients. I've been trying a vegan duck and mushroom noodle recipe, but I want to try and pack in as many veggies as I can during July, so salads, soups and smoothies are on the menu. 

Reshuffle My Homeware | This probably goes against my first point about wanting to save, but I've been really into homeware at the moment, especially as I have new ladder shelves to style. I thought I would reshuffle some of my existing homeware, however I am still on the look out for some complimentary greenery, rugs and new cushions covers - Keep an eye out for some new interior updates on the blog! 

What is on your July to-do list? 

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