Friday 4 December 2015

A/W Fashion Staples

The thought of Autumn and Winter fashion always excites me. The chunky knits, cosy coats and scarves that can wrap around you three times always get me in the mood, but in reality, I am lucky to even put together one outfit. Over the past couple of months, I have downsized my wardrobe, keeping only the most basic, minimalistic pieces, and you know what? It's actually worked. I have more outfits than ever and now only buy items that I know I will actually wear. Today, I thought I'd share with you my A/W fashion staples.  

A  B L A C K  C O A T | Now, I own various coats in a variety of colours, but the one I always tend to reach for is my classic black coat.  Pimkie is a brand I have grown to love over this season, but this Belted Jacket is perfect if you love layering and you're after a lightweight jacket. If you're after a thicker coat to keep you warm on those frosty mornings then this ASOS 60's Midi Coat would be the perfect addition to your wardrobe. 

J E A N S | Jeans are the most versatile piece in your wardrobe, they're easy to wear and can be worn both day and night. Topshop Joni Jeans are a must have as the high waisted element sucks everything in and flatters your figure, perfect if you're layering up with chunky knits and scarves.

S T R I P E S | Stripes are a must have all year around in my wardrobe, but during the Winter I give up trying to curb my craving to own all the striped t-shirts and instead just go with the flow. Stripes are the best way to incorporate a colour or patten into your outfits, especially if you're an excessive monochrome wearer like myself. There's been a few striped t-shirts that have stolen my heart this season, but here's a few: The Topshop Stripe Contrast Top, ASOS Easy T-Shirts and this Zara Starts T-Shirt. 

K N I T W E A R | Whether you're after a chunky knit or lightweight pull over, it is handy to have a few options. This long sleeved shirt jumper hybrid looks perfect worn over a simple pair of ripped jeans as it flatters and makes any outfit look well put together. Whenever I am in need of something a little thicker, then I always opt for my camel roller neck offering similar to this one.  

D E L I C A T E  D E T A I L S | From this LVNDR Bumble Bee Necklace to this Zara Geometric Scarf, it is nice to have a few accessories to dress up an outfit. Zara, ASOS and Topshop are three of my go-to shops for clothes anyway, but I find that their accessories blow everyone else's out the water. Front and Back earrings have been huge this season and they are the perfect way to continue to make your outfit look chic and put together. 

B O O T S | I swear I spend half the season searching for the perfect black boots, lusting after only the ones that cost over two hundred pounds. As someone who gets bored of clothes and shoes quite quickly, I try and keep my spending to a minimum. Other than a pair of black heeled boots I bought from Primark a couple of years back, I have been loving these River Island Black Chelsea Boots too. 

What are your A/W fashion staples?

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