Wednesday 2 December 2015

Two To Try

 Up until a couple of months ago, Sachajuan was a brand I had tried nothing of, but instead lusted over every time I scoured the aisles of Space NK. After having an overhaul with my haircare routine, I decided to incorporate a few luxe products in order to pamper my hair and keep it in tip top condition. Along with Bumble & Bumble and 0&M, Sachajuan was at the top of my list. After giving these two products a try, I can now conclude they are a must-have in my routine and one that I cannot wait to share with you. 

First up is the Sachajuan Ocean Mist; a sea salt spray that delivers a tousled and textured finish to the hair. As I have thin, dull hair I just assumed that this wouldn't do a lot, but I couldn't have been more wrong as this mist helps to add volume and hold to my hair making it easier to style. Unlike other sea salt sprays that can leave the hair feeling dry and crispy, this has a mineral enriched formula that adds shine and wave to the hair, whilst making it smell divine in the process. 

The second offering is the Sachajuan Hair Repair; a hair mask that transforms my dehydrated locks and makes them look smooth and healthy once again. With a concoction of proteins and minerals that penetrate the hair follicles, promote hair growth and lock in moisture, this hair mask is a real luxe treat. If your hair is looking lacklustre and is after some TLC, then this is guaranteed to restore shine and keep the hair really hydrated with every wash. Now I was never one to believe that one hair product can solve all your problems, but after using this I have seen a huge difference in the texture, look and manageability of my hair. 

Have you tried Sachajuan? Are there any products you would recommend?

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