Monday 6 July 2015

Nars Starter Kit |

Nars High End Starter Kit
When you first begin to invest in high end make up it's easy to get lost in a world of double figure single eyeshadows and foundations with prices that make your eyes water. Since my first ever Nars purchase my collection has continued to grow, and although I love all of their products, I would say that their base offerings are my favourite. Today, I have put together four products that are the cream of the crop of Nars offerings and that I would recommend to anybody, whether looking to invest in high end make up or for some new additions. 

Radiant Creamy Concealer - Vanilla| £22 | Link | If you're an avid reader of blogs then I'm sure that you are sick to the back teeth of hearing about this product. Despite getting a bit more into concealers of late, I still rely on a few "do it all concealers" for when I'm in a rush - Cue the Nars Creamy Concealer. This lightweight, buildable concealer is available in a range of shades, catering for even the palest of skins and although I usually don't get along with a wide variety of concealer formulas, I don't find that this accentuates my dry patches or adds any unnecessary oil to my skin. If you're looking for a medium coverage concealer that is a great all-rounder then I would definitely recommend heading to your local counter to get matched up.  

Soft Velvet Loose Powder - Flesh | £ 26.50 | Link | I reviewed this product back in April here and despite trialling an array of loose powders since, I keep coming back to my trusty Soft Velvet Loose Powder. Even though it's benefits are overlooked, the lightweight, non drying properties work a dream for when you want to prolong your make up wear without adding an excessive amount of coverage. Flesh is a shade that suits me in the A/W, however during the Summer months I have been using this under my eyes to set my concealer - Not only does the finely milled powder do this well, it also brightens the area complimenting my contour. 

Sheer Glow Foundation - Mont Blanc | £31 | Link | If there's one product that has been raved about by many it's the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation and for a very good reason too. With a satin finish and medium coverage this foundation is the product I would recommend the most if you're looking for an everyday foundation from Nars. It conceals blemishes, hides redness and due to it being non-comedogenic too, it means that it doesn't clog up your pores either. Even though I would recommend using a base containing SPF in the Summer, if you're looking for a foundation that achieves a flawless finish every time then Nars Sheer Glow has your back. 

Powder Blush - Luster | £23 | Link | Up until earlier this year, I hadn't owned a Nars blush, but that all changed when I purchased Luster, a golden peach shade that had my heart from the first application. Despite Nars being famous for their shades *ahem* Orgasm and Deep Throat, I think that Luster is a shade that is often left in the dark. If you're looking for a blusher that could work as a highlighter, as well as accentuate your tan then I would recommend picking up this shade. 

What Nars products would you recommend to a beginner?


  1. I have just done a review today on the Nars Creamy concealer - I love it. It's my first ever Nars purchase - next on my list is the sheer glow and a blush after reading this post - Please forgive me bank balance :)

  2. You know what also excites me about NARS? Design of packaging! Minimalistic yet stunning. It's so photo worthy. Okay, I'm getting weird here, lol x

  3. I love this concealer, I can't get enough of it! I've never tried the rest of the products, but I really like their All Day Luminous Weightless foundation and their lip pencils, and their audacious lipsticks, and their glosses, and the laguna bronzer. Practically everything haha ! xx

  4. I've never bought anything from Nars but I was planning to stop buying low quality drugstore makeup and start splurging on high end makeup that'll last long so I think I'll kick on my collection with either a blush or the concealer.
    Dalal x

  5. I've never bought anything Nars yet but I do have my eye on their lipsticks!

    P.S. The photography on your blog is just gorgeous! Do you use a DSLR?

  6. I have Sheer Glow and the concealer. Not sure what I'd like to try next, perhaps one of their lip crayons xx

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