Friday 31 July 2015

Jurlique Sun Specialist Sunless Tanner |

Jurlique Sunless Tanner
Jurlique Sun Specialist Sunless Tanner* | £24 | Link 

If you live in the UK, then you'll know that the sun makes an appearance for about a week and then you never see it again for the rest of the Summer. Due to this fact, I have been increasingly interested in fake tans. As an avid Jurlique skincare user, I was excited to try out the Jurlique Sun Specialist Sunless Tanner and I'm pleased to report that it's not a disappoint - In fact it may be my favourite fake tanner yet. 

With a gel-liquid, lightweight formula, this fake tan provides me with a natural looking, streak free tan that deeply hydrates and protects the skin from environmental aggressors. Now who wouldn't want that? Sweet orange extract produces the faux bronzed glow, whilst Superberry Complex conditions and Safflower Seed Oil moisturises. What makes this fake tan stand out from the others I have used is that it is suitable for use on both the face and the body, running no risk of breaking you out or becoming increasingly orange. I'm sure any regular fake tanners will be pleased to know that you can now wave goodbye to the classic smell that comes along with many fake tans, as due to the fruit extracts and oils, this formula not only benefits the skin in multiple ways, but it smells divine too. It's easy to apply, fast absorbing and it fades evenly throughout the body. I use a fake tan mitt to apply all over my body like a moisturiser, wait for 2-4 hours while it develops and if I want to deepen the tan I apply another layer. 

If you're looking for a new fake tan this Summer that will give you a natural, faux glow, then I would thoroughly recommend this. I reach for this on a regular basis especially when I want a streak free, fool proof tan.

Have you tried the Jurlique Sun Specialist Sunless Tanner?


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