Tuesday 28 July 2015

The Ultimate Highlighting Duo |

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer, The Balm Betty Lou Manizer
Despite having more than enough highlighter's to last me a lifetime, my obsession and collection keeps on growing. I long for that cheek sheen and a subtle glow, so with that, my array of highlighers has got a bit excessive. I have worn the Balm's Mary Lou Manizer practically everyday since I purchased it earlier this year, but I have always had my eye on it's bronzed sister Betty Lou. In a moment of weakness I ordered it and from the first sweep I was sold. 

Both highlighters are finely miled, highly pigmented and easily blended. With a light hand you can add a subtle glow to your cheeks without an excessive amount of shimmer or chunks of glitter. Mary Lou is a honey hued highlighter which diffuses light and adds a sheen to your cheeks, whilst Betty Lou is more of a highlighter/bronzer hybrid, warming up your complexion and adding a sunkissed glow. For me, the two highlighters work together in harmony creating the perfect duo. I use Betty Lou just above my contour and then Mary Lou along the tops of my cheekbones. During the Summer months, I always opt for bronzed complexions and strong highlighters to brighten and add radiance to my lacklustre skin. Whether you wear these two individually or in cahoots, these two will have your highlighting needs covered with both highly pigmented, long lasting formulas that will be sure to see you through the Summer. 

What is your favourite highlighter? Do you use two highlighters?

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