Wednesday 18 October 2023

An Autumn Staycation at Wallops Wood

UK Staycation Shepherds Hut Hampshire

UK Staycation Shepherds Hut Hampshire

UK Staycation Autumn Hampshire England

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Nestled in the Hampshire countryside, you'll find the the Wriggly Tin Huts at Wallops Wood, the perfect place to unwind and unplug. I first caught wind of these beautifully decorated shepherds huts from Rosie Londoner many moons ago, but I finally got the visit and I am absolutely smitten with the set up. With minimal signal and no electricity, you'll be relying on the soft glow of the hurricane lamps and spending the night underneath the stars. 

I stayed in the 'Old Winchester' hut at Wallops Wood, their shepherd's hut that is hidden away in a clearing in the woods which I've heard also gets bluebells in the Spring. As I visited in the Autumn, the blossoming flowers were replaced with falling leaves, but it was magical nevertheless. The reason why I chose the Old Winchester was because of the wood fired hot tub, which was the perfect way to warm up as the evenings got chillier. With bellies full of campfire food (and s'mores!), there were many hours spent in the steaming hot tub with only the sound of hooting owls to accompany us. 

I was a little hesitant at first about the concept of having no lighting, but the hurricane lamps supplied for us made it extra cosy in the evenings as there were lamp hooks situated throughout the site meaning you were always illuminated with a golden glow. The Old Winchester was kitted out with a wood fired stove, meaning it kept the hut rather toasty all night long. With plush pillows and a warm duvet, I never felt the chill once when nestled inside the hut. 

Wriggly Tin Huts Wallops Wood

UK Staycation Hot Tub Hampshire

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UK Hotel Staycation Shepherds Hut

One of my favourite rituals of the staycation was making a delicious breakfast when the fog was descending on the campsite. It took a lot longer to cook breakfast on a campfire, but the process was rather therapeutic. Once the hot drinks were made, my attention turned to making scrambled eggs on toast and setting us up for the day. 

Bundled up in our boots and coats, there was lots to offer around the area. If you're not looking to venture far, then they've got lots of walks for you to take straight from the campsite. Old Winchester Hill is not far and as it was our shepherds hut namesake, I just had to take a walk there. The warm October sun meant that layers were stripped off in no time, but the views of the rolling hills were spectacular. I also took a trip to the neighbouring New Forest, wandered around the beautiful villages of Hampshire and then ventured to Winchester itself all within a few days stay. 

Back at Wallops Wood, there are nine shepherds hut to choose from, ranging from ones that sleep a two up to one that sleeps five alongside a separate hut you can also hire out if you have children. There's something for everyone. If you're looking for a digital detox, to explore the Hampshire countryside or if you're simply just looking for a new glamping experience, I couldn't recommend it more and will certainly be making a trip back soon. 

Have you ever stayed in a shepherds hut before? 


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