Tuesday 19 September 2023

Cosy Autumn Books To Read

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When Autumn rolls around, I tend to focus mainly on spooky books to read around Halloween. This year, I knew I wanted a few more cosy Autumnal reads for the new season, perfect for when the wind is howling outside and the rain is hitting the window. Here are five of my recommendations: 

The Ex Hex | Set in Graves Glen, a town reminiscent of Stars Hollow and Salem, this witchy rom-com book will get to in the Halloween spirit. Although it's got witchcraft and paranormal themes, I would say this is a great pick for Autumn as it mainly focuses on the lead up to the 31st and has some seriously cosy vibes. I loved it so much that I immediately bought the second book, The Kiss Curse and I would say that the second instalment may be even better than the first! 

When The Crow's Away | This is the second book in the 'Evenfall Witches B&B' series and I got my hands on this after failing to find the first book, In The Company of Witches. It has everything you need for a cosy Autumn read - witches, a murder mystery and a ghost! It's fun, it has loveable characters and you're taken on a journey as we try and work out who killed Mort Sweet, the local sweet shop owner who has been conversing with resident witch, Brynn Warren. Need I say more! 

Murder At The Pumpkin Pageant | Cosy murder mysteries is a genre I could do a whole post about as I absolutely love them. They've often got an engaging plot with twists and turns, whilst having a comforting atmosphere and set in a small town or village. Murder At The Pumpkin Pageant ticks all of these boxes, being set in a bakery surrounded by delicious Autumn treats and is set in the lead up to October 31st and the weeks that follow. The way the Autumn season is described in this book is the reason why it's made it's way to this list, it's so descriptive and you really feel immersed in the season. 

The Haunting of Aveline Jones | Middle grade books through Autumn and Halloween are my favourite genre of books to pick up. They're shorter than your average novel and offer up some seriously spooky tales. The Haunting of Aveline Jones is a book I've recommend before and it's cemented itself in my 'to re-read list' in Autumn. Although recommended for 9-11 year olds, it's actually the scariest book of the bunch, but still sets an cosy scene that is perfect for cuddling up with. 

The Secret Society of Irregular Witches | I feel like this book sums up everything I want from a cosy November read, so whilst I'm a little premature I do think you should add it to your late Autumn to-read list. It's got both Autumn leaves and Wintery scenes, snow and a budding romance. You follow Mika Moon, a secret witch who has spent a lot of time on her own, who has been offered a job at a mysterious House. I absolutely loved all the characters and felt like I went on a true adventure with this book. 

What cosy books would you recommend to read this Autumn? 


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