Thursday 3 March 2022

Three First Signs of Spring

Snowdrops English countryside spring flowers

Snowdrops English countryside spring flowers

Snowdrops English countryside spring flowers

Snowdrops English countryside spring flowers
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Snowdrops are the first flowers to bloom in the New Year and they're the first sign of Spring to many. I'm actually a little late sharing my snowdrop photos as they often come out mid-February, but as they had the storm to contend with this year, I was just grateful that there were any snowdrops left be seen at all. 

This year I have tasked myself to learn a little bit more about the flowers I photograph as although I love admiring them, I'm not the best at disguising between the different types. Snowdrops are often a symbol of hope, but upon researching them I actually learnt that Victorian's once thought that it was unlucky to bring a snowdrop into the home. I mean, as pretty as they would be in the home, they're actually considered endangered in the UK, so I think they're best left in the ground anyway!

After the dark Winter, March tends to feel like a bit of a slog, but turning to snowdrops and Spring flowers alike, means I can often find a little lightness at this time of the year. Here are three signs of Spring that you may enjoy remembering too. 

- In the UK, the clocks go forward on the 27th March meaning the evenings officially start getting lighter. The sun on that day will set 7:26pm. 

- The first signs of daffodil shoots and blossom on the trees have already started, but they're get even more colourful as the month goes on.

- You'll start to see bees again soon as they start to get to work.  

Although a little overdressed for the time of the year, the blue skies gave me the perfect excuse to wear my new Hearts and Found Isadora Dress and dig out my favourite Mushroom Basket Bag from last year. Sitting on the grass, snowdrops by my feet and sun beaming down, it truly felt like Spring was well on it's way.  


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