Friday 25 February 2022

First Impressions On The FOREO BEAR Mini

FOREO BEAR Mini Review

FOREO BEAR Mini Review
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FOREO are a brand you've probably heard of already, especially when it comes to their award winning cleansing devices and mask treatments. I've wanted to give the FOREO BEAR Mini a try for some time, so I thought I'd share my first impressions of using the device and come back in a month to share my before and after. 

I started using the FOREO BEAR Mini as part of my nighttime routine, fitting it in-between the stages where I've just cleansed my skin, but before I've moisturised. It promises to tighten the skin, increase circulation and make the skin appear brighter, all whilst exercising the 65+ muscles in your face and neck. I use the free FOREO app on my phone to get to grips with how to use the device. The app easily allows you to control the intensity you want the device to be at, talks you through the whole process and you're even able to start your message directly from your phone. The feeling of the massage felt a little strange on the first couple of tries as there's a slight tingling sensation, but I actually found it rather relaxing after a while. It glides easily over the skin without tugging, something I was initially worried about it doing, and it gets into all the areas I want it to. 

FOREO BEAR Mini Serum Serum Serum Review

FOREO BEAR Mini First Impressions Review

It's important to note that the FOREO BEAR Mini device has to be used with a conductive serum, gel or cream, so I've been personally using the FOREO Serum Serum Serum as part of my routine. As a stand alone product, I actually really love how it's been making my skin feel, especially under makeup. When used with the micro-current device, I find that it doesn't leave a greasy residue and makes me skin feel hydrated. 

I've been introducing different devices to try as part of my skincare routine for some time now, but I like that the FOREO BEAR Mini is pocket sized and easy to use, which means it doesn't feel like a task to use in the evening. Although at £179 it's definitely an investment product, I like to work it out as cost per use. If I'm going to use it three times a week, then over time, the price of the device feels a lot less scarier. If you see yourself replacing your facials or face massage with the FOREO device instead, then it can cut down on the amount spent at the salon. FOREO also offers a two year warranty and as there's no replacement parts to consider, the FOREO BEAR Mini means there will be no future costs when running the device. 

With the effects the FOREO BEAR Mini promises, like easing facial tensing (something I struggle with!) and deeply cleansing the skin, I'm looking forward to trying this out and seeing what the end results will be like. 


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