Sunday 12 July 2020

Binge Worthy Netflix TV Series For All Occasions

We all know the struggles of Netflix, you want to watch something, but after endless scrolling you still can't find anything that floats your boat and you end up resorting to re-watching your favourite series again. I've been there! I've been working on this blog post for a little while, sharing with you my recent favourites and giving you a series to watch no matter what genre you're into. 


Although I personally enjoy watching the fantasy genre more in the chillier months when I can cosy up with blankets and a steaming hot cup of tea, I'm currently making my way through The Vampire Diaries - I know I'm late to the party. 

- The Vampire Diaries 
- I Am Not Okay With This
- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 
- Umbrella Academy 
- Stranger Things

Easy To Watch/Reality TV 

Whenever I'm having a lazy Sunday or I want an easy watch before bed, I always opt for one of the below. I watched Cheer a few months ago and it was one of the best decisions because it's seriously addictive, you'll easily manage to watch it in a few days! 

- Cheer
- Jail Birds
- Below Deck
- Selling Sunset
- Too Hot To Handle

Feel Good 

I've got plans to re-watch Gilmore Girls again towards the start of Autumn as it always give me serious cosy feels and as there's a lot of seasons to get through, it's a great binge worthy option. I've spoken about Sex Education many times before, but honestly it's one of the best series Netflix has created in my opinion - so good! 

- Gilmore Girls
- Sex Education 
- The Good Place
- Tiny House Nation
- Queer Eye


After many people failed to enjoy the latest of The Sinner (I nearly quit half way through) you may want to restore your faith in thriller series and opt for one of my suggestions below. They're all super gripping, easy to watch and I'm sure you'll love them too. 

- The Stranger
- Mindhunter 
- Dead To Me
- You
- Orange Is The New Black

When You Want To Laugh 

I feel like this is a good time to let you know that series two of Derry Girls are now available on Netflix, but of course I've already watched them all a few times over. Below I've picked five of my personal favourites, Friday Night Dinner is a more of a classic sitcom style comedy whereas  End of The F***ing World has a different twist to it.  

- Derry Girls
- Chewing Gum
- Friday Night Dinner
- Santa Clarita Diet
- End of The F***ing World 

True Crime 

I'm slightly obsessed with true crime YouTube at the moment, so obviously it's trickled over into my Netflix habits too. I quite enjoy watching a TV series then being able to research more about it afterwards and below are some of my favourite docuseries and true crime inspired programmes. 

- When They See Us 
- Dirty John
- Abducted In Plain Sight
- Don't F**k With Cats
- Tiger King 

What are your favourite Netflix TV series to binge watch at the moment? 

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