Wednesday 15 July 2020

5 Ways To Create The Ultimate Relaxing Bath

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Summer isn't traditionally bath season for me, I tend to opt for refreshing showers over a cosy soak, but as I've been struggling to relax in the evenings, I've been having one when I can. As I don't seem to do anything by halves, I've been adding some extra steps to make my bath time extra cosy and relaxing. 

Adding Essential Oils 

This was a total game changer for me when it came to upping my bath regime and over the last couple of months I looked further into what essential oils work best. From the information I found, it's best to have a carrier oil (these almond/coconut oils are my favourites) when using essential oils as it makes it safer, won't irritate your skin and won't just sit on the top of the bath. I personally use this lavender offering because I associate the scent with sleep and feeling calm, but I've heard that chamomile and rose are great options too. 

Soaking With Bubbles and Bath Salts 

A relaxing bath wouldn't be the same without an abundance of bubbles to sink into, but I've added Epson and Himalayan Salts to my routine as I've found that they help me unwind further, as well as tending to my sore muscles especially after a workout. 

"If you want to make your bath time extra cosy, essentials oils, bath salts and candles are my go-to". 

Luxe Feeling Products  

In the bath, I enjoy using products that can lather up on the skin if I'm shaving, but I also love the L'Occitane Almond Oil* for when I want to add more moisture to my routine. Adding luxe feeling products to my regime doesn't stop there as when I hop out of the bath, I've been concentrating on my hands and feet, making sure to spend a little extra time on those too. The Soap and Glory Heel Genius* and Call of Fruity Hand Cream* have been my go-to when getting my feet in tip top condition ready to be shown again this Summer and heal my hands from using lots of hand sanitiser recently. 

Soft Candle Light  

Although it only gets dark towards 10pm at the moment, I still like to light a few candles to dot around my bathroom to create a soft light. This is especially dreamy if you can see the pink and orange skies of the sunset whilst you soak or if you can hear the pitter patter of rain on your window. 

Stick On A Playlist  

I've loved making Spotify playlists recently and I've got a few that I find easy to relax to. I'll link one of my favourites below, but I'd definitely recommend sticking on a playlist to unwind if you struggle to stay in the bath for longer than five minutes at a time. 
What does your perfect bath consist of? 

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