Tuesday 1 October 2019

5 Things I've Added To My October To-Do List

October To Do List
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It's October - my favourite month in the whole year! It's my birthday in the first week and I have the excuse to fully embrace everything Autumn and Halloween related. I really want to make the most of everything that comes with October and despite having a feeling it'll go super fast, I want to savour every moment. 

Celebrate Our Birthdays | I've got my birthday this month which means we've got lots planned and it's super busy with celebrations happening all the weekend and us going away for a getaway in a couple of weeks time too. 

Embrace Halloween | Over the past couple of years I've really embraced my love for the spooky season and this year I want to go all out. I'm decorating a few corners of my home with black and orange bunting, banners, pumpkins and fairy lights. I also want to get back into baking more as I whipped up a banana bread and lemon drizzle cakes the other week and now I want to make it more Halloween themed. 

Take More Breaks | Despite having a busy month as I said, I want to take more breaks away from my screen and head outside to go for a bike ride or a run. It definitely helps my overall mood when I'm not stuck at my laptop all day, so even if it's making sure that admin days are split up with photography sessions.

A Blog Post A Day | Autumn brings its own new challenges, but I love how much inspiration it gives me and despite already having a lot on my to-do list I want to try my hardest to publish a new blog post everyday or at least aim for 5-6 posts a week. There will be everything from baking to beauty as well as fashion and cosy lifestyle posts too. 

Switch Up My Style | I've got my eye on a few new pieces for the colder season as I realised upon trying on my Autumn wardrobe, I have quite a lot that doesn't fit me so needs to be sold or they're damaged now after years of wear. 

What's on your October to-do list? 


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