Saturday 8 December 2018

How I Get A Million Monthly Viewers On Pinterest

How I Get A Million Monthly Viewers On Pinterest
When I think about what makes up my blogging routine, Pinterest tends to get overlooked, discharged as the social media platform that's pretty to look at, but probably won't offer much in terms of blog views. After seeing blog posts from the likes of Makeup Savvy and Thirteen Thoughts, I've picked up a fair few tips and tricks over the years, changing them to suit my needs along the way too. 

Posting Twice A Day | So, my number one tip if you're looking to grow your platform is to post regularly, but not all in one go. I like to scroll through Pinterest in the morning and evening for 5-10minutes, pinning at least 10 images each time that tickle my fancy. I've found that above anything that has kept my impressions and followers ticking along nicely.  I'm not really one for scheduling my pins as I like to be in the moment, pinning photographs that appeal to me there and then, but it's definitely something to check out if you prefer to be organised.  

Don't Fret About Followers | Although in the past month I've gained a fair few followers, I'm still in the mid 3000's which isn't a lot in comparison to the amount of impressions and views I get over the month. I think it's easy to start fretting over the numbers, but I like to concentrate on average monthly engaged and activity to my blog too. These analytics can all be found if you switch over to a business account on Pinterest and it's great to check out if what you're doing is working. 

Join Sharing Boards | I joined quite a few sharing boards over the years, but it's only been recently that they've really contributed to how well each of my own photographs does. I simply share my images straight from my blog which a widget that enables you to pin my images when you hover over them (give it a try with the above image now!). This means that everybody in those sharing boards will be more likely to see it and if they like it enough they're re-pin it and share it with their followers too. 

Share Your Own Photographs | As I previously mentioned, I share my own images straight from my blog, but I also do this for any Instagram images I've only uploaded to their too. On the top right hand side of Pinterest, there's a section where you can paste a link and a select images from it to save to a variety of boards. I have a board dedicated to all of my photographs so they're kept in all place. 

One tip I've picked up is to go back to your old photographs too and re-share them every couple of months. People may not have seen it the first time around and it'll mean that you can direct people back to posts they may have forgotten about. 

Seasonal Boards | I used to be quite hesitant of making new boards around different subjects, but it keeps all your pins organised and appeals more too. I have everything from Winter to Christmas, Sweet food to savoury saved on mine and not only do I feel like it offers more in terms of what Pinterest actually has to offer, but it made it easier for people to find my pins too. 

What are your top Pinterest tips? 

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