Saturday 2 June 2018

How I'm Kick Starting My Blog Again

At the end of April I took a brief hiatus from blogging as I was creativity burnt out; I needed some time to rediscover what I wanted from my blog and what content I wanted to create. Fast forward five weeks and I'm still struggling with not really feeling like I've got back into the swing of things, so today I'm sharing with you a few of the ways I'm looking to kick start my blog back up again. 

Back To The Basics | Back in the day, before I even started this specific blog, there used to be endless amounts of what's in my bags, general favourite round ups and single reviews of products you've found and are excited to share. I think I started to get stressed out about having to think of innovative ideas all the time, so going back to the basics and writing about something I'd love to read myself will hopefully make me feel inspired again. 

The F Word | You're probably thinking "will she ever stop going on about it?", but creating fashion content has been a massive part of what's kept my love for blogging and Instagram alive these past few weeks as I've found something new to pour myself into. I've been thinking of new shots to take and new outfits to shoot to keep things fresh and exciting for me. 

Injecting A Piece Of Me Into It | Don't get me wrong, my blog has always been very much me. It's grown with me from still being in sixth form to going self employed and you can very much see that when looking back. Since the new year and half way through 2017 that's when I really started to write more in my personal style and therefore I'm trying to spruce my content up by injecting even more of me into it. 

Admitting I Got Bored | Controversial to admit, but I think early to mid April was when I finally decided to admit to myself I was getting a little bit bored. I've always loved creating daily blog posts because I love the comments to flow in with them and the daily interaction, but talking about similar things day in day out got a little bit tedious. My love for beauty is still rife and I still want to make this blog predominately about that, but I knew I had to switch things up and get talking about other subjects too in order to keep my interest. Making Friends In Your 20's remains one of my most popular blog posts to date and one I'm super proud of too, so watch this space for more lifestyle and chit chat blog posts to come. 

Setting Myself Challenges | One of the reasons why I love creating content for brands is that it often takes me out of my comfort zone creatively and I get to challenge (and often surprise) myself on what I can do. I want to set myself mini challenges every now and again to switch my content up, and not just for campaigns too. Whether it's emailing that company I've always wanted to or photographing my travels to document it - I'm setting myself mini goals to kick start my blog again. 

How do you get out of a creative rut? 

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