Friday 22 June 2018

Five Netflix Recommendations

After a bit of a hiatus from Netflix I've got back into it, especially when I want to unwind with an episode or two of something in the evening. I've compiled a list of my top picks ranging from comedy TV series to gripping documentaries. 

Plebs | I started Plebs on a whim and after a few days I'd made my way through the lot. Now I'm housebound after hurting myself, I have watched it through a few more times already, so I think it's fair to say it's a firm favourite - I just wish there were more series already! 

Safe | I watched this as soon as it popped up on Netflix and I was hooked from the get-go. It's ultra-tense in places, but this whodunnit wasn't as obvious as I thought It'd be, making it a great watch. 

Evil Genius | Warning: I didn't expect this documentary to be as graphic as it was in the first episode, so definitely one to keep in mind, but this was so interesting. Netflix do amazing documentaries in general and I love most of the ones they've got stored on there too. Although I felt like it could have been shorter, Evil Genius was gripping nevertheless. 

Love Island | Can we all admit that this years season is just not as good as the last three? Luckily the first two are on Netflix and I made way through them at record speed the other month. If you want an easy watch and you like reality TV then this is definitely one to give a go. 

Black Mirror | Looking back at my older posts where I recommended Netflix series, I thought I had spoken about this more than I did. It's one of my favourites as they're mostly about a dystopian future and the short stories always get you thinking. The newest series was really great, but my favourites still lie within the first two. 

What are your Netflix recommendations? 

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