Thursday 1 March 2018

5 Things I've Added To My March To-Do List

Although the beginning of March marks the beginning of Spring in my eyes, the weather is having other thoughts as we've suddenly got snow! I wouldn't usually complain, but it really isn't the Spring blossom I was dreaming of; but nevertheless I wanted to share with you what's on my March to-do list. 

Bake Some Easter Treats | I've made my way through a mini egg bag or two already, so I can't wait to make chocolate nests again, but this year I wanted to experiment even more by turning my hand to baking hot cross buns too - I've been really enjoying the M&S Salted Caramel ones and I thought I'd try to replicate them at home. 

Have A Spring Clean | I've got the itch to clean out all my cupboards, have a sort out of my wardrobe and clean from top to bottom, so over the next few weeks I'm going to devote some time to completing these tasks. 

Pick Up Some New Plants | Whilst we were in Brighton, we picked up our dream cactus and I grabbed a few bunches of flowers too. Spring is all about scattering blooms around the house, but I want to incorporate some greenery back into my homeware too. I saw a few perfect plant hangers recently that I can't wait to pick up and spruce up my home with. 

Plan Our Summer Holiday | We're still not sure if we want to go on a few small city escapes or to plan to go for a little longer to somewhere beachy and sunny. I'm really hoping to get to Amsterdam or Barcelona sometime soon, although Bruges and even a stay over in London are on the cards. 

Start Spring Shopping | Although I love wrapping up warm under several layers of jumpers, scarves and coats, I'm really looking forward to shopping for Spring clothes. Florals (groundbreaking), less layers and no more boots are all on the agenda and here are a few of my favourite picks: 

What's on your March to-do list? 

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