Saturday 17 February 2018

A Glossier Round Up

I've been meaning to do a Glossier collection post for some time now, but every time I go to do it, I either get sucked into doing another haul or a new product is released that I want to try out first. Although I'm far from owning everything they've bought out, I definitely have my fair share, so today I thought I'd share with you my favourites and my thoughts on the Glossier brand. 

I feel like I'm going to struggle to keep my favourites concise because there's a lot to get through. I can't narrow my favourites down to just one, so instead I'm going to start off with my top three. The Milky Jelly Cleanser is amazing if you're looking for a simple, gentle cleanse that does the job of removing makeup perfectly while keeping the skin from feeling tight too. My other go-to is the Wowder Powder, a finely milled offering that mattifies the complexion whilst looking super natural and setting my base to last all day long - A very underrated product in my opinion! The Cloud Paints are another favourite of mine as they're unlike anything in my collection; creamy in formula and very natural to wear, these blend into my cheeks seamlessly and deliver a pop of colour instantly. 

When I first got the Balm Dot Com I wasn't expecting much, but I have barely used any other lip balm since. They make my lips look healthy, not dehydrated and sit perfectly underneath liquid lipsticks too - Making them feel super comfortable! Another product that surprised me was the Boy Brow as when I first got it I struggled with how wet the formula felt, but after giving it a chance I haven't put it down. It tames my unruly brows, making them look fuller and thicker instantly. I like using this after using brow pomade, but I have been using this on it's own when I want a natural look. 

I've used so much of my Stretch Concealer that the writing has rubbed off the lid and I'm nearly out, the hydrating formula is comfortable to wear, yet covers any redness and blemishes I have. This paired with a Beauty Blender is the perfect combination and is great when I want to wear a natural makeup look. I've got to admit this probably wouldn't work with oily skin, but if you've got a dehydrated complexion like myself then it's worth a shot. 
The two moisturisers I have are the original Priming Moisturiser and the Rich version too. Both offer a healthy amount of hydration, whilst not irritating my skin. The former is great underneath makeup for a plump base, whereas the latter is perfect to use in the evening when I was an extra boost of moisture. A new addition to my routine is the Super Pure Serum which I apply before my moisturiser for under the skin spots that I get, and you know what? It actually works. At first I didn't notice a massive difference, but I've been consistently using it which definitely says something. 

I'm so glad that I tried the Mask Duo as I discovered the Mega Greens Galaxy Mask through it, which is probably one of- if not my favourite- clarifying mask of late. If you've got sensitive skin and often suffer with the dreaded red face after using a clay-based mask, then this will be right up your street. It calms my blemishes, makes my skin look healthy and is great paired with the Moisturising Moon Mask too. These two together make my skin feel super soft, clean and moisturised - A great evening treat! 

I'm really looking forward to using the Body Hero Daily Oil Wash come the Summer, as it's great when you shave or when you can't really be bothered to moisturise after the bath (bad I know!). I know the scent for some people isn't the best, but for me it's the perfect balance between fresh and fruity, making you feel super clean afterwards too. 

One of the first products released when Glossier came to the UK was the You Perfume, a mix of warm, familiar scents that reminded me of when you used to sniff someone's cardigan to find out who it belonged to in primary school. I always keep this in my handbag to spritz on the go and despite using this regularly, I've not even used half of it up yet - I would definitely recommend getting a sample of this with your order. 
There really isn't a product of theirs which I don't like if I'm honest, but there are a few that you can miss. The Quartz Haloscope is a lovely product that I've got quite a lot of use out of, so I didn't think it'd be in this list, but on reflection it is a completely marmite product. Although it adds a glow, it's in a more natural way and whilst it lasts on my skin type, I can imagine if you've not got a dry complexion then you'd struggle with this. Luckily, you barely make a dent in this product every time you use it, so this isn't going to run out any time soon to decide whether I want to repurchase it or not. 

Another product that I enjoy, but isn't something I'd repurchase, is the Jam Generation G Lipstick. When I first got this, I didn't really get it. The colour was nice in the tube, but it barely gave off any colour on the lips, smelt a bit funky and generally had a drier formula than I was expecting. After getting the first few layers of product off, the lipstick started to look better on and I pick this up semi-regularly now. The main reason why this made it into the misses category is because there are similar products on the market that work in a similar way but are better, like the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments for one. Saying this, I am tempted to pick up a nude shade anyway as I've heard great things about their lighter shades. 

Last in this category is the Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector, a new release of theirs which I've been trying out for the last four weeks. It does something to my skin in terms of softness, but my problem with it is that it's not 'amazing'. If you already use the Pixi Glow Tonic and enjoy using it then there's probably isn't much use to owning this one too, but if you're in the market for a new glycolic toner or you want to try something new, then it's definitely worth a shot. It doesn't miraculously get rid of blemishes, but it smoothes the skin almost instantly. Keep it away from your lips though.
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What Glossier products would you recommend?

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