Tuesday 27 September 2016

Creating Your Own Stock Images To Use Time and Time Again

Forget writers block, I currently have a serious case of photographers block. Every now and again, I struggle coming up with fresh, new ideas for photographs and when writing lifestyle posts regularly, having images that I can use time and time again is something I rely on when creating daily content. Stock imagery is something I have learnt about from From Roses (who has an amazing shop too!), but scouring the internet I have come across some amazing posts too like this and this one. Today I am sharing with you my top tips to help you build your own stock image collection. 

Tips and Tricks | The main trick to building an effective stock image collection is gathering a variety of neutral images that can be used for an array of topics. Leaving out specific products and keeping it simple is the best way to make the most out of your photographs. If I'm shooting indoors I like to opt for marble or wooden backgrounds with seasonal accents, but if I'm outside I like to focus on snapping nature, flowers or a farmers market or fete. I'm most fond of creating stock images for lifestyle posts as this allows me to get creative, however I like having a photographing day every few weeks to enable me to get unlikely photographs and stock up on images to use over the upcoming weeks. 

Another way you can make the most of one set up is by switching up the props which you use. I often set out a flatlay using various blankets and stationary to compliment the photograph, but then switch out two or three of the props to make the image look different but have a similar aesthetic style. Taking images from different angles is a great way to keep it interesting.

Planning | Now that I've got used to writing either before or after I've found a photograph to coincide with the particular post I'm writing about, whether I go for a walk around the woods snapping away or I spend the afternoon with my camera for flat lays, I always try and have a few photographs in mind that I want to ensure I get. If you write out a list of blog post ideas for the months ahead like myself, it can be easy to visualise what stock images would work with the different posts. 

Make It Personal | Of course you can get stock images online that either require you to link back to the owner or ones that you don't need to credit at all, but creating your own stock images makes your blog that little bit more personal. I personally don't use anyone else's images on my blog as I like the satisfaction of my online space being all mine and being able to use as many images as I like without the worry of someone being mis-credited. 

Here Are Some Ideas | Now, you have some reasons and tips to get started on your stock image collection, I have come up with a few ideas to get you going: 

- A bunch of flowers.
- Laptop open on your bed. 
- Interior decor 
- A candle or two lit. 
- Wildlife.
- Trees or berries on bushes. 
- A flat lay full of your seasonal favourites eg. conkers, burgundy blankets and crisp leaves. 
- A Lush bubble bath.
- Using your phone as a prop for a flatlay with flowers and a marble background to compliment.
- Add text to your images to match the topic. 

Do you use your own stock images on your blog? 

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