Friday 9 September 2016

5 Good Habits To Have On A Daily Basis

I've never been one for routine, but recently I have been trying to make small changes to my daily tasks to benefit me later on. Here are a handful of habits that are good to get into on a daily basis: 

Reading Before Bed | Since rekindling the love for reading, I have gotten into the routine of delving into a book for at least 15 minutes before I go to sleep. It helps me to relax and switch off my brain; both things I struggle with if I don't take the time to hop into bed earlier to read. 

Do A Little Bit Daily | Even though you probably won't find me in the gym daily, I do try and get out the house for a long walk whenever I can. Exercising a little bit daily helps me to reduce stress and feel a lot better in myself. Go to the gym three times a week, go for two long walks at the weekend or just do a bit of yoga before bed; doing a little bit daily helps massively. 

Taking Your Makeup Off | This is quite a standard good habitat to get into, but this isn't just a habitat to remove your makeup before bed, it's actually one to remove it before you sit down for the night. Although I predominately work from home, if I've been wearing a face full of makeup for the day, the first thing I do when I get home is remove it all. This allows my skin to breathe and gives it a chance to soak in all the lotions I apply before going to sleep. For a quick and easy skin routine, I like to use the Garner Micellar Water following by a double cleanse of Aesop Parsley Seed Oil and Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

Compliment Someone | A small compliment can make someone's day, whether that be asking someone on a street where their jacket is from or telling someone on Twitter that you love their blog. You never know how someone might be feeling that day and how your compliment can brighten their day. It's nice to be nice, ay? 

Apply Hand Cream | Okay, so this isn't the most riveting task but it is one which you will reap the benefits of. I like to apply the Aesop Hand Resurrection Cream every night before I go to sleep, as well as applying Lush Lemon Flutter to my cuticles on both my hands and feet to keep them nourished and free from cracking. 

What do you try to do on a daily basis?

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