Friday 22 July 2016

Summer Blushers

The Spring and Summer are my perfect seasonal makeup months; the coral hues, the cream formulas and the strong pops of colour all make for a gorgeous makeup look. I've been reaching for blushers much more recently to achieve a healthy colour and glow to my complexion, so today I am sharing with you my top picks.  

This year I have pulled out an old favourite of mine- the Charlotte Tilbury Ecstasy Blusher; a finely milled coral toned blush that perks up the skin with one quick sweep. This two toned blush can be easily tailored to your needs, the inside being for a strong pop of colour and the outside being for a subtle wash. For me, I like to swirl a big fluffy brush into it and apply to create a luminous, fresh glow. 

Next up is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in True Love, a much talked about and much loved offering of mine. With a matte finish that stays put throughout the day, this is one of my favourites for when I need my makeup to last. From the get go, you can feel that it has a cardboard-like texture, so although it doesn't go on as smoothly as some other blushers, it does reduce fall out and increase longevity. 

I make no bones about the fact that the H&M Powder and Cream blushers are some of the best on the high street. Dusty Rose is a cream offering that has a natural, dewy finish and is the perfect everyday shade. Although cream blushers have the tendency to slip right off the skin during the hot, Summer months, this one has staying power. The other H&M blush I adore is the Golden Peach hue, a radiant powder that delivers a sheer colour to the skin.  

Another high street pick of mine is the Sleek Rose Gold Blushera coral - pink that has gold flecks which acts as both a blush and highlighter if you're looking for a quick fix. It's unique colour is what has drawn me to it time and again, and although I reach for it throughout the year, during the Summer I find that it perks up my skin where the other products on my face don't. 

What are your favourite Summer blushers?

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