Saturday 30 July 2016

5 TV Shows To Binge Watch

Although I love reality TV shows like Love Island and Big Brother, there are a few TV series that I continue to watch time and time again or have binged watched in a 48 hour period. Whenever there's a rainy Sunday or I give myself a rare evening off, I like to binge watch my favourite shows under a pile of blankets whilst eating my body weight in chocolate. Today I am sharing with you my top TV show picks:

Game Of Thrones | I'm not sure whether it's the fact that there are six series already out there, but I found it so easy to get through Game Of Thrones, especially as I knew I had many series left. At first I found GoT hard to get into, but it is one that I quickly binge watched before the new season was released. I am now starting to re-watch all of the series to understand all of the stories more and the characters in depth - It's one that will no doubt have you smitten. 

Stranger Things | This TV show follows a handful of residents of a small Indiana town in the 80's and the question "what happened to Will Bryers?". After only one episode it had me up at 1am pining for "just one more episode" and 48 hours later I had finished it.  This sci-fi series isn't one that I would usually go for, but it had me hooked instantly. 

Orange Is The New Black | If you've never watched OITNB then you're in for a treat as there are 4 seasons to catch up on. I am very emotionally involved with all of the characters and storylines, I have re-watched OITNB many times now as I can't believe I have to wait another year for Netflix to release another series. 

Impractical Jokers | If you haven't seen Impractical Jokers already I don't know where you've been. It follows four best friends who compete against and dare each other to do a range of ridiculous activities on the street. It instantly lifts my mood and I can binge watch re runs of the show for several hours at a time without getting bored. 

The Goldbergs | I couldn't put a number on how many times I re-watch The Goldbergs throughout the week. This feel-good TV show never fails to put me a good mood and is a real comfort when I need something funny to watch. I have the majority of series and episodes saved on my TV, so no matter what one I pick I know I will be thoroughly entertained. Beverly in particular is a character you can't help but fall in love with, this "smother" is everything I want to be when I want to be when I'm older. 

What are your favourite shows at the moment?

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