Tuesday 31 May 2016

Sunglasses Tour

 The sun is just about shining and I've already got an obsession with sunglasses; in fact I've bought several pairs in a matter of weeks. I'm very happy with my collection at the moment, so I thought I would share with you my Summer picks. 

I managed to track down the Quay Australia Cherry Bomb Sunglasses in Rose Gold using Octer; a simple shopping site that keeps everything in one place. As a Quay Australia fan, I like to be able to see the variety of sunglasses on offer, so this really helped me to browse and shop easily. The Cherry Bomb sunglasses are perfect for throwing on as they dress up any outfit and- well- the rose gold is just an added bonus. Even though you'd expect it with every pair of sunglasses, I find that these really block out the sun too! Although these Quay Australia All My Love Rose Gold Sunglasses are similar, I'm sure they will make it into my basket very soon too and the Brown/Gold version of the Cherry Bomb's are calling my name also.  

The second pair of Quay sunglasses I own are the My Girl's. With a cat eye frame and blue tinted lenses, these are flattering and simple, yet very chic. These are great for everyday wear as they suit most of my monochrome outfits. I've actually been after a pair of Ray Bans for the longest time and these classic framed, black tinted Aviator Sunglasses look like they would be a staple in my collection. 

Tortoiseshell sunglasses have always been my weakness, every year I have to pick up a pair to add to my collection. I bought this pair from Primark which strike a resemblance to the Dior So Real Sunglasses. They're cheap, cheerful and I get so much wear out of them, but I have still been eyeing up these Topshop Cactus Preppy Cateye Sunglasses. Tortoiseshell hues always look soft and flattering on my features and are a great alternative to a harsh metal or black frame. 

What are your favourite style of sunglasses?

- This post is in collaboration with Octer - 

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