Tuesday 10 May 2016

How To Stay Organised With Your Blog

Getting myself organised with my blog has never been easy; I've tried many techniques and approaches but nothing ever has worked for me as well as my current method does. Although I know I'm not very minimalistic when it comes to blog organisation, I have found a range of processes that have worked perfectly. Today I thought I'd share with you some tips for those of you who struggle to get and stay organised with your blogs. 

LISTS | Bullet journals are all the rage now, but personally I don't think you can beat a standard notepad and pen. I have several blank pages saved at the front for my list of blog post ideas, ticking them off once they've been completed. Whenever I am on the go, I like to jot down any ideas in my Wunderlist app or simply in the notes section of my phone; this keeps ideas fresh in my head once I revisit them and makes sure I don't forget any blog topics I want to cover. 

PLANNING | I once planned everything on paper, but soon began to realise that Excel planning was the way forward and I've never looked back. To keep my months organised, I colour code each section to indicate which posts need more work and those which are finished. I like to section each blog post into six sections including photographing, writing and promotion to make sure that I have everything covered from planning through to publishing a post. Since using this method I've rarely missed a blog post and I now feel like I can comfortably plan the rest of my month easily. 

DITCH THE DIARY + PRIORITISE| I juggle two jobs and blogging, so prioritising projects and work seems to come naturally to me. When it comes to my blog, I like to use various calendars to keep my days and weeks organised. I use this Rifle Paper Co Appointment Calender to note any important deadlines or birthdays, whilst my phone calender keeps my day-to-day reminders and any work projects. As I now do most of my organising for my blog on Excel, I have stopped feeling so overwhelmed with my workload as my diary is purely for work purposes only. 

How do you stay organised with your blog?

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