Saturday 16 April 2016

Simple Peach Iced Tea Recipe

Peach iced tea is one of my favourite drinks to consume all year around, but during the hotter months you can't beat it paired with a handful of ice and a few sprigs of mint. I recently came across the Minimalistic Baker's recipe online, so after a few trials and adaptations I think I've finally made the perfect homemade Summer beverage. 


For the peach syrup
270ml of Water 
3-4 Ripe Peaches 
240g Sugar 

For tea
2 Tea bags
800ml of water (Depending on the strength you want your tea flavour)


1. To make the syrup, place the sugar, water and peaches in a saucepan and bring to the boil. Once boiled, lower the temperature, crush the peaches slightly to infuse the flavour and let simmer for a minute. Stir throughout. 

2. Once the sugar is thoroughly dissolved, cover and place the saucepan to once side, letting it sit for 30 minutes. 

3. Whilst the peach syrup sits, brew your tea and let it steep for around 3 minutes. The longer you leave it, the stronger (and more bitter) it will taste. 

4. Now the tea has brewed, remove your tea bags and let the tea sit until it's at room temperature before refrigerating. 

5. Once the peach syrup has sat for 30 minutes, strain the peaches out of the liquid and pour into a container. Let it sit again until it's a room temperature and then refrigerate.

6. Once both mixtures are chilled, mix them together and stir. Serve the peach iced tea with a sprig of mint, ice and left over sliced peaches for a refreshing touch.  

Will you be making this simple peach iced tea?

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