Wednesday 27 May 2015

Summer Shower Essentials |

As a Summer enthusiast, not only does my skincare and make up routine change during the hotter months, but so does everything else. I swap long, hot baths for short, cold showers and opt for more Clarifying shampoos and citrus scents.There have been two new additions to my shower routine that I could shout from the rooftops about and even though shower routines aren't the most riveting to talk about, this duo is something to write home about.

John Frieda Beach Blonde Shampoo | £5.99 | Link | As a red head, I was instantly put off by the John Frieda re launch of the Beach Blonde range, but after a lot of Googling, I decided that I would give it a go. For me, a shampoo needs to make my hair feel lightweight, whilst still being manageable and this shampoo does just that. The energising mint and seaweed extracts add texture and shine to your hair, whilst the scent lingers around for days. Even though you won't be left with beach babe hair from the first wash, it does make your hair feel lightweight and soft to touch in an instant. If you're looking for a new shampoo that has a summer scent to get you in the mood, then I'd 100% recommend this. 

Original Source Pure Lime Shower Gel | £2.30 | Link | Always on offer for a £1, this shower gel is one that I always pick up, but can never live without either. With a range of scents that seriously pack some punch, it's no wonder that the Original Source range is one of my favourite brands during the Summer. It's not only the citrus scent that appeals to me, but the natural oils leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and revived. 

What are your Summer shower essentials? 

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