Monday 4 May 2015

How To Make Dull Skin Glow | Skincare

Superfacialist Vitamic C Gentle Daily Micro Polish, Origins GinZing Moisturiser, Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

As a combination skin owner, my skin goes through a lot of phases, the worst being the ''dull skin" phase. When my skin is looking lacklustre I always reach for a handful of products to add radiance and hydration to my complexion. Today I thought I'd give you the run down of my top skincare products that I use when my skin is in need of brightening.  

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel | £28 | Link | I'm pretty sure that this product has been raved about more times than many. Packed with a range of natural ingredients, this product is not only suitable for the vast majority of skin types, but it packs some punch glow wise too. This gel to oil formula gently lifts impurities, whilst removing dead skin cells to reveal fresh, radiant and nourished skin. I cleanse my skin with this every morning in order to achieve a brighter complexion throughout the day. 

Superfacialist Vitamin C+ Gentle Daily Micro Polish Wash | £9.99 | Link | Exfoliators are essential when you want to achieve a bright, glowing complexion. Exfoliating micro beads gets rid of dead skin cells, whilst Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ferulic Acid promote brighter looking skin. The light gel formula is gentle enough for daily use and since using this daily, I have seen a massive improvement is both the texture, feel and look of my skin. 

Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser | £23 | Link | A moisturiser for me needs to be one that is lightweight, hydrating and suitable for my combination, sensitive skin. Cue the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser, a moisturiser that can be worn underneath the make up as a brightening and nourishing base. This is a must have for when you want to give the impression of a full nights sleep. 

What skincare products do you use to give your skin a glow?


  1. I've heard so many positive things about each of these and yet never tried any of them! I think it may be finally time I picked up a few bits! I would definitely recommend the Good Things Manuka Honey Skincare range though as a cheaper alternative!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx


  2. I have been looking for a new exfoliator and I think I will be trying out the Super facialist one!

  3. I haven't tried the Superfacialist exfoliator but I love the rest of the range so I'll definitely look out for that. My moisturiser is coming to an end as well so I'll have to look into the Origins one! Thanks for your recommendations Lily :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  4. Vitamin C products are amazing for giving skin that glow back. These sound great especially the Superfacialist Micro Polish Wash. I'm eager to give the new Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser a try but kind of scared of stepping away from my beloved Vitamin E range since my skin has been so deydrated x

    Beauty with charm

  5. I've heard so many great things about the Oskia cleanser, it's becoming harder and harder to resist spluring on it!

    Kelsey |


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