Tuesday 23 April 2024

The Best Tips To Buy On Vinted

Best Tips Buying Selling on Vinted

I've switched scrolling aimlessly on social media to scouring the many sections of Vinted looking for my next best purchase. I've found some serious bargains on this secondhand app and I wanted to share with your my best tips, so hopefully it'll help you snag the best deals too. 


One of my favourite ways to discover new pieces and find the best deals is through the explore page. At first, this was a place on Vinted I struggled with as I was often recommended items that weren't my style, but my number 1 tip would be to save any item you like the look of as this works in your favour when Vinted is putting together your explore page. After several weeks, you'll notice that with every refresh of the explore page, more pieces come up that you love the look of. 


Use the ability to save your favourite brands. This means you will be notified with a "+1" addition every time someone uploads a new item of clothing from that brand. Sometimes having these notifications on will enable you to get in there quick which is particularly great if someone is a selling a piece under the usual selling price. 


It may seem like this is counterproductive, but I've often found the best bargains through not being specific within my search. Whilst a lot of brands name their dresses (for example the "tallulah" dress), this is not the way everyone uploads the dresses they're selling. Often it'll get be labelled as "pink dress" or even just "midi dress", so may not come up under the specific search. 

Another way to work around this, is using different words than you may think. I've found that many items that I would consider "gingham" someone else would name it "checked", so this can bring up different results. 


This tip may be self explanatory, but just like all selling apps, there's sure to be one or two scammers to keep an eye out for. If the account is only listing one item, has 0 ratings and is selling a clothing piece at a discounted price then chances are they're not legit. However, if an account has cohesive photos when they're listing new items to sell, yet they have no ratings, chances are they may be new Vinted and it's worth messaging them to check if a person responds before purchasing. 

What are your top tips for buying on Vinted?


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