Thursday 25 May 2023

Wild Garlic Foraging + Butter Recipe

Wild garlic foraging recipes
Wild garlic foraging recipes

When I was younger, in my primary school days, I have a vivid memory of the local woodland having a strong wild garlic scent throughout April and May. Wild garlic, also known as Ramsons, are known to be a sign of ancient woodland and not only does it smell delicious, you can actually use it in food too. 

Now, I would recommend anyone looking to pick wild garlic, to have a read up on what it looks like and where's best to forage as there are similar looking plants that can be dangerous to consume. Once you're familiar with wild garlic, then grab yourself a wicker basket and get collecting the leaves. Never dig up the actual bulbs of the garlic as they have no use in cooking and instead it'll mean the plants won't grow back the following year. 

Wild garlic can be used in basil pesto, asparagus salads or it can be used inside homemade gnocchi. One of my personal favourite recipes is wild garlic butter which I'm going to share the simple and easy recipe with you today. 


300ml Double Cream

Foraged Wild Garlic


Electric whisk or mason jar 


If you're using a mason jar, you need to pour your double cream inside and get shaking. You want it to separate until you have a lump of butter and buttermilk. 

I personally use an electric whisk. Starting on a low setting, mix the double cream until it becomes thick. You want to continue past the 'whipped cream' Staes until it separates into a solid butter lump and buttermilk. You want to save the buttermilk for future use (in chocolate muffins or pancakes!). 

In a separate bowl, add a few cubes of ice to water. Add the solid butter to the water and wash until any remaining buttermilk is washed out. 

Wash and dry the foraged wild garlic leaves thoroughly. Chop them up as finely as you'd like. 

In a separate bowl add your butter and then add the chopped up wild garlic alongside salt to taste. 

If you're not shaping your butter then you can pop this into the fridge. If you want to give it shape, then I place it in cling film and then roll up it's in the shape I want. 



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