Tuesday 18 January 2022

Winter Dark Academia Outfits

dark academia winter outfits

dark academia winter outfits

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Dark academia is an aesthetic that is highly popular in the Winter months due to it's earth tones and cosy feels. With literary influences, you can see why the dark academia style can be romanticised and used to brighten up dull Winter days. If you're looking for inspiration or you're struggling to know where to start when exploring this new aesthetic, then I hope you this post helps you out. 

Oversized Collars 

Ruffle blouses and shirts with oversized collars are featured heavily in this aesthetic especially when tucked into a pair of plaid trousers or worn underneath an argyle sweater vest. Although they're not for everyone, I love how they add a dramatic effect to an outfit and I've actually grown to feel rather comfortable in them. 

Plaid Patterns 

If there's one element of dark academia that I love the mosts, it's the plaid and checkered patterns that prove quite popular with the aesthetic. I wear these patterns throughout Autumn and Winter as they're a great way to jazz up an outfit. You can experiment with dresses and lace up boots, opt for a jumper tucked into a skirt or just simply wear a classic pair of checkered trousers with your favourite tee. 


Brown Tones 

The brown tones of the dark academia style seriously reminds me of Autumn which I think is the reason why I love it so much. Different shades of browns, beiges and even burgundy hues can be used to compliment each other. A Beige Trench Coat seems like one of the biggest essentials as it can be worn with trousers, skirt or dresses and feels like a well put together outfit!



When you think of dark academia accessories, your mind probably wanders to hardback books, candlestick holders and faux glasses, but they can be easy to wear also if you pick out the right accessory. Leather Satchels with gold details always looks good with any outfit and for your hair, you can simply wrap a singular piece of ribbon in your hair or go all out with an Oversized Velvet Bow



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