Thursday 15 April 2021

The Cottage Core Mushroom Bag

Cottage Core Mushroom Bag Olli Ella

Cottage Core Mushroom Bag Olli Ella

Cottage Core Mushroom Bag Olli Ella

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Everyone make way for the dreamiest bag of all - the Olli Ella Mushroom Bag. Originally made for children, but thanks to the 'cottagecore' trend, it has now made it into a lot of peoples Spring and Summer wardrobes. I spotted it last year and told myself that I didn't need it, but roll on twelve months and thanks for A Clothes Horse for enabling me, I finally decided to treat myself! 

It's already semi-viral on Tik Tok, so I thought I'd give it it's own blog post too! It's pretty much what it looks like, a small mushroom bag where the lid comes off so you place your possessions inside and view them from the tiny windows and (working!) door on the front. Although not huge in size, it's still sizeable enough to fit in all the essentials. I personally will be saving this for picnics and special occasions, but I'm sure it'll be featured non-stop on my Instagram over the next six months. Olli Ella doesn't stop at mushrooms, they have a broad range of adorable bags that I've linked below: 


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