Sunday 24 November 2019

Bath and Body Works Candle Collection

Bath and Body Works Candle Collection
Bath and Body works is one of, if not my favourite candle brand. Their range of Autumn and Christmas scents never fails to impress me, but I know that a lot of people are put off them as they're not readily available in the UK. I'm here to not only share with you my favourite scents and one's that I want to check out, but also how to get them over here! 

A classic candle that you will probably have heard of or at least seen a lot in my blog photographs is Leaves. With notes of red apple, golden nectar and warm clove this smells exactly what you'd imagine Autumn would. It gives off a great throw meaning it fills whatever room it is lighted in and I think it would be the perfect first candle if you're unsure what to get! 

Another scent that is super similar to leaves, but unfortunately is no longer available on their website, although I'm sure a few sellers have them still is Autumn - the first candle I ever bought from Bath and Body Works. The juicy fig note is very unique and when paired with the gala apple and fir balsam, it makes one of my favourite ever candles. It's lightweight and is perfect if you're not into super intense, headache inducing scents. 

I avoided buying Sweater Weather until this year as I was so certain I didn't need it after owning the other two, but when it arrived, it was just love at first sight. Eucalyptus is a note I never knew I had a fondness too, but after looking at lots of my other candles, it seems to be a common theme. Just like Autumn, it's great if you don't like sweet fragrances, but I find this one is super strong just in the jar.
Bath and Body Works Collection Review
There's quite a few versions of Autumn Woods about, but the one I had I got this year and it's a delicious mix of dark walnut, english lavender and white amber. I bought this completely blind having never really owned nor smelt a candle similar to this and it was a great risk that I took. It's reminiscent of a man's cologne, but in just a dreamy way, so it doesn't give you a headache when you light it. 

Harvest Gathering is like the baby of Autumn and Leaves as they share such similar notes and even though as a candle hoarder, I would say they smelt different, I think to the average person you wouldn't need this one if you owned the other two. This does combine all the best notes including apple, Autumn berries and clove buds. It's like a Sunday walk in the woods in a candle. 

Lastly we have my least favourite candle, I know leaving the one I'm not fond on til last is very anti-climatic, but Pumpkin Cupcake is one that I've tested for the longest time and I think the fact I haven't even come close to finishing it means that it's time to admit defeat and pass it on. The packaging on the one I got is absolutely gorgeous and is what enticed me in, but personally I find the sickly sweet buttercream and cupcake scent a little bit too strong and when mixed with the pumpkin spice note, I have to be in the right mood to even have the lid open. 

Now onto how I personally buy them, a question I get asked whenever I share my new in Bath and Body Works products on my Instagram. In previous years, I've used the likes of eBay and Depop to purchase them as once you know what price range you're looking at for a candle (£8-£12 for 1 wick and £18-£20 for 3 wick) it's pretty easy to nab one. It's important to note that of course sellers need to make money back from purchasing from the states and they're unlikely to have the deals you see online - the downside of buying from the UK! Another way I've been buying them is through Facebook sellers, there's a fair few groups that you can request to join and I'd recommend scouring the page and seeing if there's anything you fancy and interact with people - lots of them are more than happy to pick one up for you. 

Have you tried any Bath and Body Works candles? 

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