Tuesday 16 February 2016

Updating My Wardrobe

With Spring just around the corner, I have started to make changes and alterations to my wardrobe to fit the season. Winter in the UK was surprisingly warm this year, so aside from a few days when I had to crack out several layers, I have usually stayed loyal to a black coat, a knit and a pair of skinny jeans. After feeling rather down about my wardrobe after Christmas, I decided that I would buy a few new pieces to update my wardrobe and get myself ready for the hotter weather or so I can hope. Today I have put together a few additions to my wardrobe to share with you. 

RIPPED JEANS | I have found them, the perfect pair of ripped jeans; the Topshop Jamie Mid Blue Ripped Jeans. These high waisted, stretchy jeans are comfortable to wear daily, have a soft denim feel and can be worn with just about anything. I like pairing them with a grey t-shirt and Adidas Superstar Black and White Trainers for a relaxed, yet well put together outfit. After finding these perfect ripped jeans, I have been lusting after a few other pairs. I think these Authentic Ripped Jamie Jeans will be another great addition to my wardrobe.  

PINAFORE DRESS | Whenever I buy a new item of clothing I try and picture it with a variety of outfits. When I spotted the ASOS Pinafore Dress was back in stock I knew that it had to be mine, in many different colours. I usually stick to monochrome, but navy and burgundy hues are great ways to subtly add colour to outfits. 

ADIDAS | I've never been a huge fan of logo t-shirt or branding but I knew when I saw this Adidas Originals Raglan Long Sleeve T-Shirt it had to be mine. Aside from lusting after a rose gold Adidas T-Shirt for some time, I have wanted a baggy, easy to wear top that I can lounge around in without much fuss. 

SLOGAN JUMPERS | Jumpers are something I live in and after stealing my boyfriend's grey jumpers for several months I thought it was about time I got one of my own. I had been contemplating buying this Private Party Avocado Toast Sweatshirt for many weeks before I caved and bought it. This oversized fit put me off initially as it felt a little too lose in all the wrong places, but once tucked into jeans I knew that I had to keep it. 

Have you made any new wardrobe purchases?

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