Monday 12 October 2015

Lush Christmas Collection 2015

Lush Christmas Collection 2015
When it comes to Christmas collections, no one does it better than Lush. I am fully aware that we still have 10 weeks until the big day, but I like nothing more than a bath bomb in a hot bath with candles after a long, chilly day spent outside. This year I feel like Lush has excelled themselves, bringing out a lot of gold looking, vanilla scented products. After spending a considerable amount of time in Lush over the past couple of weeks, I have collected my fair share of products so I thought I would share with you what I bought. 

Lush Cinders | Every year I scour my local Lush looking for Cinders. With a warming cinnamon scent and iconic popping candy, it's no wonder that I have to stock up on several over the Christmas period. It fills my bathroom with its spicy, sweet scent and makes the water feel so soft. Perfect for getting you in the festive spirit. 

Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel | Although Snow Fairy is a cult classic and one that I will forever repurchase, I still can't help but feel that Rose Jam Shower Gel is seriously underrated. With subtle rose, Goji berry and sweet vanilla, this shower gel makes for a scent that will linger on your skin for hours, using Argan oil to repair and condition too. 

Lush The Magic Of ChristmasWhenever I think of Christmas I automatically cast my thoughts to anything cinnamon. So this year, The Magic Of Christmas had me smitten from the get-go. Lush's reusable bubble bars are extremely good value for money as it's easy to control how much you use per bath. Enriched with warming cinnamon leaf, almond oil and refreshing orange oil, this bubble bar packs some serious punch and is perfect for the festive season. The cinnamon stick used as the handle is a lovely touch and means that your bathroom will smell of Christmas even when the the product is not in use. 

Lush Butterbear | The Butterball is one of my favourite bath bombs from the Lush, so it's no wonder I always pop one of two of Butterbear into my basket every Christmas. With a strong vanilla scent and softening cocoa butter, this bath bomb may not do anything drastic to the colour of your bath water, but your skin will thank you afterwards. It soothes dry, irritated skin leaving it feeling moisturised with minimal effort. Just pop in the bath and you're good to go. 

Lush Five Gold Rings | I've definitely left the best til last as the new edition to the Christmas range is a good un'. Five Gold Rings consists of five glittery bubble bars that can be crumbled under the water to create a golden, vanilla-filled bath packed full of skin softening illipe butter and moringa oil. If you're heading to Lush anytime soon, then I would recommend picking this one up.

What have you got your eye on in the Lush Christmas Collection this year?

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