Sunday 4 January 2015

How To Get Glowing Skin | In Winter

Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate | One thing that I notice during the winter season is the amount of dry patches on my skin, whether that be on my face or my body. Skin gets sore and lips get chapped, so a good exfoliator is necessary for smooth, glowing skin all year round. Soap & Glory Scrubatomic, one of my favourite facial exfoliators is great for smoothing the skin and making sure that my make up goes on better. Body exfoliators and body brushing are just as important, whether or not you are using fake tan during winter, body exfoliators help to give a natural glow to the skin, whilst getting rid of any unattractive dry patches and cellulite. 

Oil up| During the winter moisturising is as important as it is in the summer. Not only does it lock in moisture creating a barrier from cold weather, but it also makes your skin feel nourished and smooth as it is easy to neglect your skin when you're wrapped up in multiple layers for several months. My skin has never really agreed with facial moisturisers, but recently I have been loving applying Bio Oil* to my face day and night, not only does it sink quickly, it also moisturisers without breaking me out. I find that after applying moisturiser to my face, both my primer and foundation go on much smoother, leaving my skin looking glowing and healthy. 

Mask it | Facial masks are one of my favourite ways to treat myself all year around, but in the winter, face masks are a great way to hydrate your skin, whilst making it glow from the inside out. Lush do some of my favourite face masks. With their natural ingredients that nourish, calm and prevent breakouts, I can not fault their natural face masks. In the winter I like using a face masks two times a week to get glowing skin everyday. 

Highlighter| Highlighters are very much my love/hate beauty product, I use them purely to achieve a subtle glow to the skin rather than a face that resembles a disco ball. Nevertheless, after some serious trial and errors, I have come to a conclusion that less is definitely more when it comes to highlighters or just 'glitter' products in general. Even though I'm no fan of foundations like the Rimmel London Wake Me Up, I still am a firm believer that subtle highlights are a great way to fake glow. Topshop Glow is the perfect highlighter for the winter months, it adds subtle highlights whilst complimenting any contour and cheekbones. Perfect. 

What are your tips in faking a glow? Any products you swear by when wanting radiant skin during the winter months?


  1. Great tips! I've never thought of using bio oil on my face before, I would be scared that it would break me out!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  2. I like Lumene's illuminating primer in the winters when I want that "glow from within" look.
    It's really cheap, but really really good :)

  3. Great tips! Didn't know you could use bio-oil also for that purpose, I only use on my scares - works wonders as well :)

    x Melane || Pure Perspective

  4. I definitely go all out with the face masks in winter!

  5. I love masks for winter! i've been loving the Origins Charcoal mask at the minute but always wanted to try the Soap and Glory one! great post! xxx


  6. I didn't know you could use bio-oil on your face. Which is quite silly of me, because of course - why wouldn't you be able to?! I've never used it before, but I have a friend who uses it constantly to help fade scars. She says it works, so I guess lol.

    And I love highlighters! They just help wake my face up. I've heard good things about Topshop Glow, but right now I'm waiting until I run through Becca's Opal before purchasing a new highlighter.

    My tip for glowing skin? Drink Apple Cider Vinegar. Seriously that stuff is the stuff of champions, it's a superfood, or superdrink, whatever lol. It seriously makes your skin glow.

    Z. | J. POTTER

  7. That topshop Glow looks so so nice! I've heard so many good things about it
    Great post xx //

  8. great post really enjoyed reading it x

    check out mt new blog and let me know what you think :)

  9. I swear by Bio Oil for my dry skin, its a miracle worker for sure!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  10. I've never used Bio Oil, maybe I should purchase and give it a go! x

  11. I definitely need to purchase the Topshop Glow highlighter, i didn't even know they did one!
    Charlotte Louise xx

  12. I love using Bio-Oil on my face but it doesn't sink in easily to my skin so I just use it in the evening, it's a great product though!!

  13. Bio Oil is such a good Oil for healing and restoring broken and damaged skin! ^ - ^

  14. I love your blog,I am about to post a skin care routine.Love to read yours,xx

  15. I would love to try the products


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