Saturday 1 October 2016

October Goals

October is not only just my birthday month, but it officially starts to become my favourite season full of hot drinks, cosy coats and all the leaves turning crisp and brown. Today I am sharing with your 5 things I want to do this October.

Collecting Conkers | Nothing says Autumn like going for a crisp, cold walk wrapped up in several layers whilst you go on the hunt for conkers and the perfect pumpkin. We have a few tree cathedrals around where we live, so no doubt I will venture through there to collect all of the Autumnal pieces for blog posts and maybe even make a DIY pine cone garland.

Delve Into A Halloween Book | Now that it is October, it is starting to get very Halloween -esque around here and I have bought a couple of spooky thrillers to delve into over the next month. I am going to be sharing my top picks later this month, but I am still very much enjoying the Harry Potter books - A cosy, magical favourite of mine!

Treat Myself | It's my birthday on the 5th, so I have already been eyeing up and buying myself some special treats for the occasion. I really want to try out the new Hourglass Surreal Light Palette and the marble exterior is currently calling my name. 

Have a Horror Marathon | I was re-watching all of the series of American Horror Story back to back, but now the new series is here I have been thoroughly enjoying getting spooked every Friday night. I'm going to be scoffing Fiendish Fancies and candy corn in front of having a horror film marathon. 

Move House | Everything has happened so quickly, but we're officially moving from our pokey flat to a modest two up, two down. I'm already lusting after a few new homeware pieces like this Rose Gold Bronx Floor Lamp, I really want to find a cheaper option to this Anthrolopogie Leavenworth Marble Coffee Table and I'm thinking of updating my wall decor to these Umbra Wall Copper Planters too. 

What do you want to do this October?

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