Monday 23 April 2018

Decluttering My Makeup Stash + A Wishlist

Decluttering and Organising My Makeup Storage
I'm not sure if it's because it's starting to feel like Spring, but I've got the decluttering bug again and I'm on a mission to sort out my makeup collection once more. I'm not being as drastic as I was last time, as I don't have a lot of makeup to throw out due to it being out of date, however I have quite a few bits to re-home, so I thought I'd share with you what my decluttering routine is and what products have made it onto my wishlist. 

I want to give everything another clean and a re-organise as I've slowly started to live out of makeup bags again, despite having Alex drawers and muji storage too. When I'm taking various different products out throughout the week, it can be hard to keep track of what you put back and what you should keep out. I want to stack my eyeshadow palettes, sort my lipsticks out by brand/colour and make sure that all my foundations are screwed on properly. 

With a complete lack of concealer all of a sudden, I rifled through my base drawer to find a few dregs of product left in several tubes and it made me 1. rediscover some real gems and 2. made me realise that I should bring out products to the front more. I like to have a makeup bag full to the brim of products I'm trialling, but I wanted to make sure I'm continuing to switch them around more. A nude blush one day, a peach pink the next for example. 

Any duplicates I've accumulated are going to be rehired, especially for products that I won't make my way through for a while. I'm very lucky to get sent lots of products and I'm never ungrateful, but bar a handful of duplicates (that I'm so happy I've got a back up of because I'm running low) the rest I'm going to give away to make others smitten with them too! 

Despite having an extensive makeup collection, it doesn't stop me from wanting new pieces to add to my stash. I've got a few things that I'm lusting after, but here are my current top wishlist picks - including some skincare items too: 

Do you enjoy decluttering your makeup? What's on your wishlist? 

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Saturday 21 April 2018

Spring Body Care

L'Occitane Body Care, Soap and Glory, Dove, Jo Malone, Isle of Paradise
- This post is in collaboration with L'Occitane - 

I feel like we've almost skipped Spring and went straight into Summer weather-wise, but I've been lapping it up nevertheless. As the legs are now out and the layers have come off, I've been giving my body some extra TLC, so today I am sharing with you some of my top body care picks. 

First up is the L'Occitane Shower Oil* which I've used for years now as you'll see from my 2015 favourites and hydration from head to toe post I did a while back. L'Occitane remains one of my favourite body care brands of all time, as their formulas work with my skin beautifully and they have an array of amazingly scented products that feel dreamy when applied. The shower oil in particular is a one of my favourites as it keeps my limbs feeling supple, smooth and hydrated without feeling greasy at all. It's great when you don't have a lot of time to prep your skin as you just use it in the shower without any fuss. Slather it on, massage it in and then wash off. I can't tell you how many times I've repurchased this because it's so amazing. The results are long lasting too so you're skin feels soft all day long, which is something I struggle with when it comes to shower oil as I find the effects wear off too quickly. I can't swoon about this product without mentioning the scent as it's so delicious; the almond fragrance isn't too overpowering and it lingers on the skin for hours. It is the reason why I had to try their complimenting Almond Milk Body Lotion* as it's great to layer up if your skin is feeling particularly parched. It sinks in quickly, makes my skin feel super smooth and is great post- shaving too, as it leaves a slight sheen to the legs, which makes them look instantly better; great for perking up my post-Winter skin. Try out their almond range and all their other body care if you're looking for luxe feeling, super nourishing picks for the upcoming Spring and Summer months. 

Next is a product I like to use before fake tanning and on stubborn dry areas; the Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish. I didn't want to like this as much as I do, but it helps to scrub away dry areas without leaving them feeling a little dry like some other body scrubs can do. I use this the day before I fake tan with the Isle of Paradise Tanning Water (which I feel like I've not stopped talking about!) for an even, golden tan perfect that is for bare leg season. 

Baths aren't really the done thing for the warmer months, but sometimes I crave one and I want to unwind with a book. The Jo Malone Orange Blossom Bath Oil is great for this, as I just splash a bit under the running water and it lifts my mood with it's fruity fragrance instantly. It has great skin-loving properties too, which means you don't have to do much except enjoy the uplifting aroma and bathe. 

Every Spring I whip out the Dove DermaSpa Body Oil Goodness, it's been years but I can't get enough of the stuff. It's great to highlight the body without applying obvious shimmer. This glides on smoothly and works amazingly after a tan post-moisturise too. The Soap and Glory Spritz Me Quick* moisture mist is another firm favourite for easy body moisturiser application - I especially like using this on my back and those hard to reach places. It smells like their classic scent and can be easily mixed and matched with other body care products. 

What are your favourite Spring body care picks?

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Thursday 19 April 2018

Picking The Right Moisturiser

I'm quite fussy when it comes to moisturisers as someone who has had a variety of skin types and whose skin can break out at random times, so it's a surprise that I've built up such a collection of them. I wanted to share a little insight into my collection, my top picks and my tips for picking the right one for you too (coming from someone who never used to use one!). 

Find One You'll Actually Use | You may be like "well obviously Lily.. no one wants to waste money", but trust me, I've felt forced into several purchases by pushy sales assistants or given into the hype of a product to then find out it's just not for me. I find one tell-tale sign is actually the scent. It can be full of goodness for your skin, but if it doesn't smell at all appetising then you're not going to want to use it on your face. If you want no scent at all then I'd 100% recommend the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream - it's a firm favourite in my household. 

Seasons Change, So Might Your Moisturiser | It took me quite a long time to realise that actually one moisturiser doesn't always cut it (not always!), so I started to look into what works best for my skin in Winter vs what works best for it in Summer. During the warmer months I suffer with dry skin around my eyes and nose due to hayfever, similar to what I suffer with in Winter, however my skin all over tends to be in dire need of moisture when it comes to the bitter cold. Thickness, texture and feel are all things to consider when it comes to moisturiser. 

Pick One For Your Skin Type | This may sound simple, but looking into the ingredients and formulas of the moisturisers you want to try is good for your skin type. I'm no expert, so I would definitely say do your own research, but for me I love Hyaluronic Acid and Lactic Acid. Knowing what ingredients irritate you or the thickness of moisturiser which breaks you out is all good to know. Lightweight, water based formulas are good for oily skin, whilst dry skin suffers like myself may look for slightly thicker offerings. 

Here Are a Few Of My Recommendations | The Fresh Deep Hydration Face Cream* remains one of my go-to picks as it's so nourishing, whilst not being too heavy on the skin. The Drunk Elephant Lala Retro* is a new favourite; a thick cream that doesn't even move in the tub, but when applied to the face it doesn't feel too thick, instead intensely nourishes. For a lightweight, day time option I tend to go for the Origins GinZing Moisturiser or Clinique Moisture Surge* as they sit underneath makeup perfectly, the latter being one that offers a smooth, silky finish too; almost like a primer. 

What are your favourite moisturisers? 

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Wednesday 18 April 2018

Spring Makeup

Every time another new season comes around, I make it my mission to switch up my makeup. Although I find myself lusting after new releases, I've decided to try and use up a lot of the products in my collection instead; opting for old favourites daily instead of the odd splurge. Here are my top Spring makeup picks: 

For my base, I've rekindled my love for the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray* which was kindly sent to me. Every year when the weather gets better I seem to get back into using this, as there's nothing quite like it when you want a long lasting base. I spritz it on before my foundation, then after too if I need it to be sealed in completely. I've been using this even before this blog even existed, so it's a firm favourite. 

Foundation is a harder one to choose as I've been loving my Charlotte Tilbury and Too Faced duo for a flawless finish, but I have to give a quick mention to Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation. It's one that I've been unsure about it as I go from loving it one day to hating it the other. It's temperamental and it relies on my skin feeling a little more prone to oiliness for it to work for me, so I feel like Spring and Summer are the perfect months to wear it! 

After using up all of my concealers, I went rifling through my collection to see if I had any that needed using up and I rediscovered my Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer in the process. I have the lighest shade and it's perfect for brightening and concealing - it never looks cakey, but instead makes my undereye area look super smooth. 

The Benefit Gold Rush Blusher* is the epitome of a Springtime blush, as it's coral in tone and perks up my skin in just one sweep. It adds just the right amount of colour to the cheeks without being too overpowering, making it an easy option for an everyday look. 

I feel like the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette* was made for this time of the year as it has an array of wearable shades that are warm in tone, but can be as full on or as subtle as you'd like. I think the fact that it smells of peaches is a plus too! You can see my full review of it here

Lastly, is the Charlotte Tilbury The Queen Lipstick* which is one of their new releases, a vivid pink hue that changed my opinion on these sorts of lipsticks. Don't get me wrong; for an everyday look I have been sticking to my The Duchess* offering, but this paired with a tan on a Spring evening would look amazing. It's a great alternative to the classic bold red and I'm all for it. 

What are your favourite Spring makeup products? 

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Tuesday 17 April 2018

Another ASOS Haul

The other day I was scrolling through ASOS and my finger slipped, making yet another Spring order... In my defence, I've been rebuilding my wardrobe for the warmer weather as I've found a new love for the potential sun, so I've been filling in some bare spots. Today, I'm sharing with you my mini haul. 

I spotted the Noisy May Festival Shorts on the site a couple of weeks ago and I was unsure if they were a little bit too jazzy for me. They've got a stretch waist which is great for comfort, but unfortunately I don't find them all that flattering. The material is a little bit too thin for my liking as I can imagine getting it caught and ripping, but you can't deny that it would be super cool during the Summer. 

I bought the Nobody's Child Heart Print T-Shirt on a whim and I'm so glad I did because it's one of the only white tees I've tried that isn't see-through. I got it in a size up to be a little bit more of a relaxed fit and I always tuck it in and roll up the sleeves to make it more of a flattering look, but I really like it! 

The next good pick of the bunch is the ASOS Twisted Nugget and Hoop Necklace which is a gold double layer which goes with a lot of different of outfits and, after accidentally breaking my other necklace, it's the perfect addition to my wardrobe. 

Lastly is the Parklane Suede Flat Sandals which I'm still unsure on. They look gorgeous on and would go with a variety of Summer outfits, but I'm not sure how much I'd wear them because you have to do the back clasp every time, which- as a slip on girl- doesn't appeal much. You can't deny that for the price they'd be an amazing pair of sandals to have in the wardrobe to go with any outfit though. 
Here are a few of my other items I've been eyeing up for my next orders: 

What are your favourite Spring/Summer wardrobe picks at the moment? 

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Saturday 14 April 2018

Isle of Paradise Tanning Water

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Meet my new obsession; the Isle of Paradise Tanning Water. It's been all over Instagram recently and I well and truly bought into the hype, but despite it's swoon-worthy packaging, the formula and product itself is definitely something to report back about. I mentioned in my Spring beauty round up that I've been using this and I've had so many questions about it since, so I thought I'd share with you my thoughts on this hot new fake tan. 

I start by exfoliating my body the night before I plan to fake tan to make sure that my skin isn't at all oily, but still super soft. During application, I like to use a fake tan mitt, spritzing the fake tan all over my body and then rubbing it in. I start with my legs and work upwards in circular motions, paying attention to everywhere that I'm applying it. As this fake tan hasn't got a guide, it can be difficult to see where you've applied it, so for beginners this may not be a good option, but for those of you who have used it before then I'm sure you'll be fine. 

There's a flowery scent to this, which makes a pleasant difference to the usual dreaded biscuit smell, in fact I actually find it quite pleasant smelling. It doesn't cling to dry patches, goes on evenly and is super long lasting - I've worn this for 10 days and still had colour left at the end. As it fades evenly, it makes it easy to wear for longer as it doesn't peel or go patchy. I tend to leave it on for 6 hours and as I picked the darker version (they do a light and medium version too), it gives the most gorgeous golden tan that looks natural and makes me feel so good! 

This is honestly the dream and now I'm tempted to try their Self-Tanning Drops as I love the idea of mixing it in with my moisturiser to top up my tan or for when my face tan starts to wear off (I find it wears off much quicker than my body as I cleanse my face several times a day). 

Have you tried Isle of Paradise? 

Friday 13 April 2018

Three Pinks To Try

We're due a mini heatwave next week, so I think it's safe to say that Spring is finally on it's way. Pinks have made an appearance in my makeup routine a lot over the past month or so; I've rediscovered an old pick, found a beloved new addition and pulled out a forever favourite. Here are three pinks to try this season:

First up, is the Glossier Puff Cloud Paint, a rediscovery of mine as I put it away over the  Winter, but now it's warming up I've loved wearing it when I've just fake tanned for a pop of colour to the cheeks. You can easily mix this in with the other cloud paints on offer, but when worn on it's own it's not as scary as it first looks because it blends out seamlessly into the cheeks. 

The Huda Beauty Wifey Liquid Lipstick* is a product that I can't believe -despite being in mini form- has lasted me this long with how much I use it. It's a nude pink which makes it extremely flattering to wear on the lips and the liquid formula is my favourite one yet. It's comfortable, lasts a long time and can be built up or reapplied with ease. I was skeptical about trying this at first because it's so hyped, but honestly it lives up to the hype and more! 

A new addition to my collection is the Charlotte Tilbury The Duchess Lipstick*, my first K.I.S.S.I.N.G formula, and I'm smitten. I love using this underneath my Pixi Cake Lip Icing* to make my lips look super full, healthy and hydrated. The Charlotte Tilbury offering doesn't offer great longevity but it's so easy to reapply, I don't even think about it. It's peachy pink, so it's very fitting for the warmer months and the balmy feeling has been welcomed with open arms. 

What are your favourite pinks?

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Thursday 12 April 2018

Fresh Beauty Round Up

Fresh has been on my radar for several years now and I have slowly built up my collection, going from the Sugar Lip Treatments to their masks and cleansers. I've built up quite the array and some of the products I feel like everyone needs to know about, so I thought it was the right time to do a round-up post. 

My top pick is the Fresh Rose Face Mask* and I think the fact I've got one on the go and one in back up definitely tells you how much I love it. It's unlike any other mask I've tried as it's got a lightweight, gel formula that moisturises and calms the skin in five to ten minutes. It looks beautiful when used before makeup application as it adds the perfect glow - so much so that I would definitely use this on my wedding day (that good!). 

Next up is the Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream*, another one I'm so glad I have to back up of thanks to World Duty Free. It's super moisturising without being too heavy and is a fan favourite in our household. A little bit goes a long way and with prolonged use I definitely see an improvement in the texture of my skin. 

The Sugar Lip Treatments have been in my collection for some time now; Coral and Petal being the shades I started off with and the reason I first fell in love with them. The formulas are nourishing and comfortable, plus the shade are easy to wear on a daily basis too. Dream* and Punch* are my recent additions and they're both very fitting for the Spring and Summer. 

I picked up the Deep Hydration Rose Toner* when I was in Paris in the late Summer and for some reason I have accumulated two more, so I definitely need to give them away as you only use a small bit at a time and three bottles would last me a lifetime. The real rose petals inside make it look beautiful in your bathroom cabinet, but the formula definitely does something to my complexion; whether that's removing the last traces of makeup, making my moisturiser sink in better into my skin or just adding a general radiance. 
Fun fact, but I actually got a generous amount of Soy Cleanser* samples with my first ever purchase of Fresh from their London store and I fell head over heels with it. From then on I always made sure I had a handful of samples to keep me going, but I could never justify the purchase back then, so when World Duty Free sent me over their travel sized one I was smitten once again. It's honestly one of my favourite 'simple' cleansers as it removes makeup and makes my complexion look clear, smooth and calm. I've been using it as my second cleanse and it's as good as it always has been! 

The Rose Floral Toner* is one that I often overlook due to my love for the Deep Hydration offering, but the spritz comes in handy when I've gone a little too heavy on the powder makeup. You certainly don't need it in your collection, just like many facial sprays, but the scent is lovely, it's just that you have to be careful to hold the spritz an arm length away from the face otherwise it can be too intense.

Lastly, I have the Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum*, a new addition to my routine, but one that was welcomed with open arms. The transitional weather has played havoc with my skin, leaving it feeling drier than usual. I've been using this underneath my moisturiser in the morning before my makeup and so far so good. It's the one item out of the bunch that I think I'll need to report back on at a later time as the other ones have had a good try out, but this doesn't irritate my skin and it does make it look smooth. 

Have you tried Fresh's skincare out?  

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Wednesday 11 April 2018

Current Makeup Favourites

Over the past few weeks I've really loved experimenting with new makeup and I've loved how well my makeup has turned out everyday. I feel like everything is staying in place perfectly, is exactly how I want it ti be and is the perfect combination of matte and natural. I wanted to share with you a few of my top picks today.  

I'm finally anticipating warmer weather and although the drizzly, dull days are saying otherwise, I've been prepping my skin with SPF ready. The Glossier Invisible Shield is my favourite sunscreen pick for the face as it doesn't leave a white cast nor does it smell break me out. In fact I would go as far as saying I've enjoyed using it as a primer as it feels almost silicony without the slippy feel and makes my makeup look super smooth too! 

For my base, I've been using a new mixture, the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder and Too Faced Born This Way Foundation as when mixed together they give a medium coverage with a super natural finish that blends effortlessly into the skin and looks undetectable to look at. I'm so obsessed with these two and they have great longevity. 

I was super skeptical about trying the Benefit Shy Beam* when I first got it as it was unlike anything else I tried before as it is a matte highlighter that is very pink in tone. Although on me it doesn't work well as a cheek highlighter as I've got yellow undertones so it doesn't blend well, underneath my brow bone it works well to lift the eye area and illuminate in all the right places. As it liquid and I only use a tiny bit at a time, this will no doubt last me a very long time. 

The Pixi Chloe Morella Lip Icing* has been a blessing over the past couple of weeks. My lips looks super dry at the moment, so anything that makes them look healthy I'm all for. I've used this on it's own or over a matte lipstick and it always looks amazing. I've also been loving the Pixi Wylie Hoang Eyeliner* which is so long lasting you may need to invest in a good oil cleanser to get it off, but the intensity of the black and how long it stays put is exactly what I love about it - it may be my favourite eyeliner yet. 

What makeup have you been loving lately? 

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Tuesday 10 April 2018

What's In My Bag: The Circle Edition

I know I shared my new Pimkie Circle Bag at the end of March, but I find bag spill flatlays so satisfying so I just had to share with you the contents on my bag. I've already accumulated a fair few receipts and rogue wrappers, so they won't be making an appearance, but it's been such a long time since I've done a what's in my bag post that I thought I'd bring the classic, old school blog post back. 

I've started to carry around a card holder recently and I can't believe how handy they are. I've got the Kurt Geiger offering that holds four cards, which is the perfect amount for me and it's great for getting out of your bag with ease. 

A habit of mine is to always carry around these two things, a hair oil and a perfume. I find that they're great ways to make yourself feel better throughout the day and I tend to make use of them daily. The Glossier You perfume is the perfect size for your handbag and the Toni & Guy Radiating Tropical Elixir* has been in my bag since I got it, as it's great for adding to my flyaways or the ends of my hair when it starts looking dry. 
I seem to attract nude lipsticks and find myself riffling through several layers of them to get to anything so I tend to have a weekly sort out, making sure my favourite shade is always in there. The Huda Beauty Mini Liquid Lipsticks* tend to be what's in my bag nine times out of ten as they are easily applied, wear comfortably and can go over any other lipstick you're wearing with ease. 

I've usually got some blister plasters to hand as I always get them when wearing new shoes in, plus hair grips are always floating at the bottom, along with a set of tweezers and a hair band or two. Headphones are a travel must-have for me, so I never leave the house without them (the iPhone adapters however are another matter...if you know you know). 

What's in your handbag? 

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Monday 9 April 2018

Three Mini Books Reviews

A Court Of Thorns and Roses, The Muse, It Started With A Tweet
As someone who goes through phases with books, from reading once every week to several times a day, getting through a book can either take me a matter of days or a matter of months. I wanted to share with you three mini book reviews of reads I've delved into recently, letting you know if they're worth a read or not. 

First up is The Muse, a book that took me quite a long time to finish as the first half of the book is a tad slow for my liking and didn't hook me in. After finishing the first half, the pace started to pick up and I found myself wanting to see what happens next. I won't ruin it for you, but I found the 'twist' to be fairly predictable and the ending to be quite rushed. Also at times I found myself get quite frustrated with the characters for them to not get their comeuppance. One of the main characters, Odelle, was the only one I truly connected to and cared about, so overall I did struggle, but it was a book I'm glad I read as it was interesting at times, with sad bits too. 

If there's one genre I could read time and time again it's the easy to read, "poolside" books. I tend to finish them in record time and It Started With A Tweet was no different. As someone who works in social media and spends quite a fair bit of my time online, I definitely think this book spoke to me and actually made me realise that I should probably put down my phone every now and again. It was entertaining, the perfect light read and I would recommend it for somebody who just wants something simple and easy to follow yet funny too. 

I've got to admit I've had A Court Of Thorns and Roses just sitting on my to-read pile and I was a little hesitant to get going as I've heard mixed reviews. I would definitely say don't read the back of the books until you've actually read them as they actually give a few too many clues away to take away from the story, but honestly the books exceeded my expectations - I was hooked from the get-go! So much so I've gone straight on to read the next book and I'm fully invested in all of the characters. 

What have you been reading lately? 

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Saturday 7 April 2018

A Spring Beauty Round Up

I feel like I've been anticipating the start of Spring for weeks (even months) now, so now the weather is slowly, but surely starting to warm up I've start to reshuffle my beauty and makeup routines. Although we're not even half way through April yet, I wanted to share my top Spring beauty picks with you today focusing on skincare, body care and hair care.

I'm so glad that the Herbivore Coco Rose Body Scrub has been a hit as I had high hopes and it hasn't disappointed. I was expecting it to rid my body of any dry patches I've got from being bundled under layers of clothes throughout Winter, but I didn't expect it to actually leave a lovely nourishing layer of oil on the skin which doesn't just sit on top, but sinks in too! It's a dream to work with and if you use this a few hours before your tan, it looks flawless. 

Talking of tan, I've been trying a new one, the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Water and at first, I've got to admit I wasn't sure. There's no guide to it which means it wouldn't be great for beginners, but once you've used it once and now how it works then it's honestly amazing. The colour is a gorgeous sun kissed bronze and even though I got the dark one it doesn't look unnatural. I've got to talk about how long lasting it is too - wow I've never known a tan to stay in tact for a week without any flaking and how slightly evenly fading. Definitely one to check out if you're a regular fake tanner. 

Part of my wanted to save the Soap and Glory Smoothie Star Bodycream* for the Autumn when I first sniffed it because it smells so delicious and comforting, but I couldn't resist delving in and now it's a firm favourite. It's lightweight and sinks in ultra-quickly which is perfect for the warmer months when you quickly want to leave the house, but it's still moisturising without causing breakouts which is what some formulas do to me. 

Fun fact, I've actually never owned the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser* in a full size, but over the years I've had a dozen or so generous samples that slowly made me fall in love with it. When the cleanser arrived in a parcel from World Duty Free I was so happy as I finally got to use it after being without it for over a year. It's a simple one that does the job perfectly, removing makeup and making my skin feel smooth too. 

I have to give a quick mention to the IGK Jet Lag Dry Shampoo for saving my hair multiple times over the past couple of weeks when I needed to add some volume to my limp hair and when my middle parting looked a little too greasy. It's expensive for a dry shampoo, but it works wonders without adding too much "grit" to your hair, plus it gets better as the days goes on - even still reaping the benefits the following day. 

What are your top Spring Beauty picks? 

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Friday 6 April 2018

Three Detox Face Masks

As far as face masks go, detox ones are the type I gravitate towards often, so when I want something that'll draw the impurities out without aggravating my skin, these are the three face masks I reach for. 

The latest addition to my collection is the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask*, a natural clay mask that is supposed to improve texture, tighten pores and decongest the complexion. I've used this a handful of times now and I'm obsessed. Although it's quite intense and leaves the skin looking a little red after removal, it doesn't irritate my skin nor does it break it out, instead making it look brighter and clearer. 

If there's one mask that made me rekindle my love with detox face masks it's the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack which I picked up a fair few months back and it's my go-to when I want to clarify my skin, but I don't want to strip it too much. In fact, this is one of the only clarifying masks I've tried that actually feels like it's slightly on the hydrating and calming side. 

I've been using the Lush Mask of Magnaminty for several years now and I always come back to it. Unlike their fresh face masks, this one lasts longer which means I can keep mine in my collection for longer to use when needs be. The minty element to it is what makes it stand out because it's very refreshing, yet still does the job well. 

What are your favourite clarifying face masks? 

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Thursday 5 April 2018

Scents For Spring

Spring is now here and even though the slight chill in the air and frequent drizzle doesn't make it feel like we're getting the warmer weather anytime soon, I have been embracing the fresher, floral Spring scents, so I wanted to share with you a few of my top picks. 

The Diptyque Do Son has been put away until Autumn now (although I'm sure it'll make an appearance for special occasions), I have replaced it with the Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede. It's still deep in scent, but offers a slightly more floral tone, making it great for Spring evenings. With a top note of crisp apple, a sweet heart note of peony and a base note of suede, this has been a favourite of mine for some time now. 

I've never tried a Burberry scent before, but when the new My Burberry Blush* arrived I was smitten from the get-go. Sometimes I struggle with fresher fragrances as they can be a little bit too intense and give me a headache, but this one is just perfect. It's still slightly floral due to the rose and wisteria notes in it, but the apple and pomegranate keeps it feeling light and fresh. 

Next up is the Marc Jacobs Daisy Love* scent which is a World Duty Free exclusive (available until April 11th), but it's one that I wish was going to be made permanent because it's quickly become my favourite Marc Jacobs perfume. It lasts a little less on my skin than Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Forever, but it's a little bit more of a grown-up version, so it makes up for it with the fragrance. It's still ultra floral and is practically Spring in a bottle to me!  

What perfumes do you wear in the Spring?

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Wednesday 4 April 2018

The ghd Gold Styler

- This post is in collaboration with ghd - 

As part of my bid to have luscious locks by the end of the year, I have started to switch up my haircare and now my styling routine too. I have had the new ghd Gold Styler to try out and have been loving creating lots of new hair styles like half up, half down do's and poker straight hair too. I wanted to share with you my favourite look at the moment  which you can create with the ghd Gold Styler

The rounded barrel makes it super easy to create curls and waves if you want to, plus it heats up to 185C in twenty five seconds making it a morning favourite of mine! When straightening, it doesn't give that frizzy look that some other hair straighteners give me, but instead it actually makes my lhair looks smooth and healthy. My favourite way to use this right now is to spruce up my ponytail as, if you're like me and suffer with limp, lacklustre hair, then this will be perfect for you. 

I start off by washing and drying my hair, but second or even third day hair is good for this style too. I then spritz through a generous amount of heat protectant before I start to style. Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, you may need to part your hair in more or less sections than me, but I tend to go for four. To start, I tie everything from my ears upwards in a top knot, then I curl my hair away from the face to give volume. After I've done this I part my hair at the temples, once again curling my hair using the ghd styler, but this is when I become a little bit rougher with how I style; curler towards and a away from the face to give it a messier look. For me, I tend to do a half up do at this point and it's a great look if you're in a rush. To go the extra step and if I need more volume I curl and style the top of my hair roughly, using a salt spray to add texture too. 

I love the way this whole look comes together and because of the ghd Gold Styler, it is super easy to do everyday. My hair looks shiny, healthy and effortless - A must have for the warmer months too as it keeps my hair away from my face, but looks well put together nevertheless. 

Have you tried the ghd Gold Styler? 

Tuesday 3 April 2018

Pixi Pretties Review

When this Pixi package arrived I was super excited to get in and startt swatching. I've been seeing the Chloe Morello palette everywhere, so was excited to not only own this, but also the whole Pixi Pretties collection; a collaboration with various YouTubers. I've been trying these out for over a week now, so I thought I'd share with you my thoughts and first impressions. 

The stand out products for me is the Dimensional Eye Creator Kit* which contains an eyeshadow consisting of six shades and the dual ended eyeliner, the latter being the star of the show. Seriously, as someone who continuously looses pencil sharpeners, having a screw-up kohl eyeliner on one end is a life saver and having the liquid felt tip liner on the other end is amazing too. Not only are these two convenient, they have great colour pay off and the longevity has impressed me a lot. I'd say that the liquid eyeliner would be perfect for those who know how to do their liner but want it looking cleaner, but probably not so great for beginners as I find the nib could be a little too fiddly. The eyeshadow palette is lovely too, I especially like how all the shades can be worked together to create different looks with ease. 

Next up is another product I was impressed by and that was the Cake Lip Icing* which is described as a liquid lipstick, but it's essentially a non-sticky lipgloss that glides on the lips and can be used both on it's own or paired with a lipstick. I prefer to wear this on it's own as it makes my lips looks so healthy and plump, but it isn't irritating nor does the shimmer inside inadvertently feel like a lip scrub from any grit either - Perfect. 

When I got the parcel I was majorly swooning over the Cafe Con Dulce* as it was unlike anything I've seen before. This palette is full of nine shimmery shades ranging from a champagne through to a neutral pink and a dark brown. I instantly thought how great they'd be as highlighters or eyeshadow shades, and I was right. The formula is hard to  describe as they're powder to cream (which is usually the other way around) and they blend beautifully, but I can't seem to get the shades to work on the lid, so I've been using them a lot of my cheeks, inner corner of my eyes and tops of my cheekbones instead. 

Chloe Morello's palette, Palette Cholette* has an array of eyeshadow duos, three blusher shades and a trio of eyebrow powders too. This palette is a great all rounder that incorporates so many aspects of the face, which is what I like as I can imagine this would be great if you're trying to travel with less, but you still want an array of shades to play with. 

The only palette I really wasn't bothered about and if I'm honest, I've barely touched is the Dulce's Lip Candy*. It's nothing against the palette or even the formulas or shades themselves, but there's something about lip palettes that have always turned me away. I need to get myself stuck into these as upon swatches they felt smooth and nourishing with a great colour pay-off, but I can't seem to get those sticky lip palettes you used to get free from magazines out of my head. 

Have you tried anything from the new Pixi collaborations?

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Sunday 1 April 2018

5 Things I've Added To My April To-Do List

Although the weather is saying otherwise (April is living up to it's name with April showers), Spring has finally sprung and I couldn't be happier. The cherry blossom is slowly blooming and everything feels fresher, not the mention the lighter evenings. Here are five things I've added to my April to-do list. 

Fill My Home With Plants | I've got so many more homeware ideas and I now want to put them into action, starting off with filling my home with plants and flowers again. We got a large cactus in February which has reignited my obsession with greenery and I've been researching different ways to display them, so keeps your eyes peeled! 

Research Holidays | I finally need to get around to researching Summer holidays, but as someone who finds them stressful I tend to put the planning off for as long as possible. I'm still torn between a beachy getaway or a sunny city trip. 

Plan A Lamb Visit | Every year I have to go to a lambing weekend (it's now a Spring tradition of mine) but due to the bad weather I haven't made a trip yet. I'm hoping to get there in the next couple of weeks to cuddle some fluffy lambs (and I'm hoping for baby goats too..). 

Make The Most Of The Bank Holiday Weekend | Okay, so we're half way through this one, but being in the midst of chocolate eggs and relaxing, I can't complain. I want to make the most of this weekend by devouring all the food, spending time with friends and family and making the most of my few days off. 

Start Looking Into Spring Fashion | I've already started this one too, but I've got a long way to go until I'm happy with my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I've lost quite a bit of weight since last year, so a lot of my items either don't fit me or are just looking a bit tatty after a years wear. I've been looking at some new pieces to see me through the next 6 months or so and I've got my eye on a fair few. Here are my top picks: 

What's on your April to-do list?

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