Wednesday 26 May 2021

Etsy Cottage Core Shops To Check Out

Cottagecore Etsy Shops
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It's becoming a tradition to share my favourite Etsy finds every time the season changes. I'm constantly looking through Etsy to find some pieces for my home and wardrobe, but I know that with so much on offer it can be a little overwhelming. Today I have focused on the theme of 'Cottagecore', an aesthetic that focuses on countryside life with woodland and cosy aspects. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, then read on! 

If you follow me on Instagram or Tik Tok then you'll know that I have been incorporating the Cottagecore aesthetic into my home, showcasing my personality more with each and every piece I add. This Peach Fruit Print is similar to my giant orange print that I have in my living room, but I think this would be a great addition to my kitchen especially for Summer. Also by EmilieDrawsThings, I spotted that she has a British Wildflower Print that I think is so adorable for the bedroom. 

Sticking to the print theme, I really like this PeachesandBees Herbology Art Print that definitely deserves to be framed for everyone to see. I imagine it'd be a great gift if you know somebody who is into baking or even Harry Potter. Another gift idea I have is this Whimsical Woodland Fairy Ring Coaster which is absolutely delightful and will be going straight onto my wishlist (already!) for my birthday. 

I was very lucky and got my Vintage Ceramic Soup Mug from a charity shop, but with them being coveted by many they are actually hard to get your hands on. Binny's Retro is currently selling quite a few of them in different vegetable designs, so definitely check their shop out if you're interested. To go in my mug I have been eyeing up this Brass Star Tea Infuser as I have a quite a few loose teas now that needs something like this - plus it's celestial so it gets a thumbs up from me. 
Etsy Cottagecore Shops

When I think of Cottagecore fashion on Etsy, there are two names that spring to mind, Son De Flor and Little Women Atelier. They both have an amazing linen dresses in a range of different styles that will cater to everyone's style and colour preferences. I've been looking at treating myself to one of their dresses for some time, the Meg Dress looks so cute as does the Mustard Peter Pan Collar Dress. Maybe this Summer I will finally take the plunge, but it's definitely one you should check out if you're looking into Cottagecore fashion. 

Continuing with the fashion, I wanted to talk about Cottagecore outfit accessories next. First up I have to talk about the LuLou Store because I'm unbelievably smitten with everything they offer - the Strawberry Earrings are a must, but the Mushroom Toadstool Earrings also have my heart. If you enjoy the woodland theme, then these Pinecone Earrings (yes you read that right!) are also absolutely adorable and will no doubt be a head turner. 

Oversized scrunchies are all the rage at the moment, so I was pleased to stumble across the ShopHoneyClothing which has a bunch of different styles and designs. They're such a statement piece and this blush Pink Satin Scrunchie would go perfectly with all my floaty Summery dresses. If you're more into headscarves then I would recommend checking out HiteyTitey which is a dreamy Etsy shop selling bandanas, oversized collars and even face masks in gorgeous Liberty prints which really embody the Cottagecore aesthetic. This Daisy Print Headscarf is currently on my wishlist! 

Have you found any Cottagecore pieces on Etsy recently? 

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Simple Spring Makeup

Simple Spring Makeup Routine
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I've never been the type of person that could fit all their makeup in one bag, I was always switching out foundations and trialling a new blusher. My friends would ask me about any updates on new releases and ask for my recommendations, but over the past six months or so my approach to makeup really changed. Rather than getting excited about what blusher to pair with which lipstick, I just stuck to the same handful of products to see me through the day. 

Although my love for makeup was still there, with no place to go and no people to see, I found myself reaching for reliable products at the start of the day. I experimented a little around Christmas and again at Valentine's Day, but other than that I stuck to my routine every day. I've recently got the itch to start experimenting with my makeup looks again, but before I delve back into the world of beauty, I thought I'd share with you the products that have been my go-to over the past couple of seasons. 

For foundation, I have been using the L'Oreal Skin Paradise Tinted Moisturiser*, a product described as a tinted water cream which I think pretty much sums up it's formula and finish. If I'm honest I didn't expect to love this as much as I do because tinted moisturisers aren't usually up there with products I reach for as a I tend to find them patchy and not very long lasting. This base does have a slightly strange shade range which tends to lean towards the pink undertone side of foundations, but once I found my match, I felt liked it blended in well and looked natural on. 
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Nars Laguna Bronzer Makeup

When it comes to concealer, I've had quite the love affair with the Nars Creamy Concealer*. I loved it when I first used it many moons ago then I fell out of love with it for quite some time before going back to being smitten once again. It's super easy to use under the eyes as it stays put and doesn't appear drying. Plus it stays put despite the watery eyes I often get especially get at this time of the year thanks to hay fever. 

I've used the Nars Laguna Bronzer* for many years now and was very excited to try out their new packaging, but as the bronzer takes so long to use up (I'm not complaining) it took a while to replace my old one. It's just perfect for my skin tone as I can use it to lightly contour and add warmth to my complexion. 

The L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara* came out in America long before it made it's way over to us, but despite hearing so many amazing things about it, I was still skeptical when I got my hands on it. I'm going to make quite a big statement now - it'ss officially in my top three favourite mascaras. This means it's beaten quite a few high end offerings to the podium too. It makes my lashes appear longer and fuller, doesn't flake or irritate my eyes, plus I love it's longevity. 

Just like my powder routine, my eyebrow products have pretty much stayed the same too. I opt for the ABH Dipbrow Pomade* to help add depth and colour to my brows, whilst the Milk Makeup Kush Gel* helps to keep them all in place. The latter is a product I didn't get along with initially, but after some time, I've really gotten used to it and I think I'd struggle not to have it in my makeup bag.


Thursday 13 May 2021

Summer Dark Academia Outfit Ideas

Summer Dark Academia Outfit Ideas

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Today, I thought I'd talk all about dark academia, an aesthetic that consists of literary influences, earthy tones and checkered patterns. It is often associated with Autumn and Winter, but I wanted to see if I could put together outfits for the warmer months too - a light academia aesthetic if you will. If you're looking for inspiration, then I've got you.  

Unlike cottage core which mostly concentrates on soft, floaty dresses in light colours, dark academia dresses is all about the darker tones and slightly more structured style. Gingham is always a good shout as it can be worn styled up or down, so this Marks and Spencer Checked Midi Dress is a top pick of mine. I also feel drawn to this H&M Linen Dress which comes in a range of colours that would all fit perfectly with this aesthetic - the rust colour in particular is calling my name. 

I recently shared this New Look Wrap Smock Dress and I couldn't believe how many of you adored it, so of course I had to share it here too. I really do think it's the epitome of Summer dark academia fashion as it looks comfortable to wear in the heat, but it still ties into the aesthetic nicely. If dresses aren't your thing, then I highly recommend a pair of lightweight dungarees or shorter playsuit style like this ASOS Rope Playsuit

I think everyone is currently looking for the perfect prairie style blouse at the moment to pair with  a button down midi skirt and sandals which has meant a lot styles are quickly going out of stock. This Monsoon Victoriana Blouse is one that I stumbled across and it has made me fall in love with all of Monsoon's blouses because the lace detail and puffy shoulders are to die for. 

I know you probably won't be a surprised, but I think sometimes it's all in the accessories. I found this NA-KD Satin Bow Clip and instantly knew I had to have it because I feel like it'd go with so many outfits and is super pretty too. When it comes to shoes, I think that going for a classic tan mules or brown gladiator shoes would work well with skirts, dresses or trousers, anything that you choose. 


Wednesday 12 May 2021

Four Books I've Recently Read

Spring book recommendations

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There's nothing better in the warmer months than a sunny day and a light breeze to inspire me to immerse myself in a book for an afternoon. I've been on a quest to read more and I know many people are in the same boat, so I thought I'd share four of my recent reads and review them a little so you know what to expect. 

The Cosy Read  

The Thursday Murder Club was a book I picked up on a whim, if I'm honest purely because it had a pretty hardback cover - what can I say. This fast paced book in based in a retirement village where a group of elderly friends set out on a quest to solve a murder. It's fast paced and has short chapters which means you'll get through this book in no time. It's equally charming and funny, whilst taking a spin on the classic murder mystery. It's unlike many thriller books, in that it never began to feeling like it was being dragged out, plus the comedy throughout lifts the mood of the entire book making it a great fit for a Sunday afternoon read. There's a second book to come which I'm absolutely delighted about and will no doubt pick up. 


One With Witches  

I love a YA fantasy book as much as the next person, so after being recommended Serpent & Dove many times, I finally decided to pick it up. I love when a whole new world is created in the pages of a book especially if it involves witches and magic, so this book definitely delivered. The only downfall to this book was that I struggled initially to get a grasp of the characters and storyline, but as it moved on, I almost wished it delved a little bit further into them. The main characters, Lou and Reid, have a great connection, but overall I did find each turn in the story a little predictable. Despite all of this, I would be tempted to read the next two instalments of the series as despite Serpent & Dove not taking the top spot in my YA fantasy category, it's still a solid choice. 


Serpent and Dove book recommendations

The Classic Thriller  

Looking through Goodreads, I have always had my eye on The Hunting Party, but when it came down to doing a book order I decided to opt for The Guest List, written by the same author. It promised a classic whodunit which will have you on the edge of your seat. It tells of a story of Jules, an successful online magazine owner and her husband-to-be Will, who is a famous TV star (a Bear Grylls type). Initially the chapters, which flick forward and back in time, does get a little confusing, but that wasn't the only issue. I found the characters to all be rather unlikeable especially Will and his friends, so if you enjoy rooting for a character, then this probably won't be for you. That being said, I did find myself turning each page, wanting to find out what happened next and I was pleasantly surprised by all the twists and turns. Unfortunately in the end I felt like the last 50 pages were rather rushed and the ending fell flat. I was left wanting more explanation and longer chapters, but the book wrapped up a little too quickly. 


Spook Yourself Silly 

I've recently been on a mission to read more classics, I want to delve into the world of Jane Austen's Emma and spook myself silly with Frankenstein, but I knew that I needed to ease myself in gently. Dracul, is no classic, but instead it's a prequel to Dracula, a very well loved book for many. It's written by his great grand-nephew, Dacre Stocker using Bram Stocker's own notes and it had me hooked from the get go. It's not fast paced like many of the books I read, but I didn't mind at all as I enjoyed engrossing myself in every word and page. It's dark and spooky, allowing your imagination to run wild! 


What boos have you read recently? 


Thursday 6 May 2021

My Spring Skincare Routine

Simple Spring Skincare Routine
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I feel like I've stripped back my skincare and makeup routine a lot over the past year, focusing on the products that my skin needs. As we transitioned into Spring from Winter, I had trouble keeping on top of my changing skin as it tends to break out a little, become more sensitive (thanks hay fever!) and still be a little on the dry side. I have been using a handful of skincare products to keep my skin feeling great and I wanted to share them with you today. 

I run the Garnier Reusable Micro Fibre Pad* doused with a micellar water over my eye makeup to remove most of it and give it a quick rinse underneath the tap once I'm done. After that, I'm ready to do my first cleans. I opt for the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel* which melts away the makeup once you start massaging it in. It's great if you enjoy a cleansing balm, but you don't like dipping your hand into the tub, but it still isn't as messy as a cleansing oil - the Oskia cleanser is the best of both. 

The Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is one of my favourite cleansers ever and for Christmas I was kindly gifted their huge bottle version as present - to say I was delighted is an understatement. I use it as a second cleanse to make sure that all my makeup is off and the gentle formula leaves my skin feeling soft and soothed. 

Typology is a brand I have been meaning to try for some time, their simple yet aesthetically pleasing packaging definitely drew me in. I wasn't too sure how I'd get along with the Regenerating Facial Scrub* as my skin can be rather temperamental to physical exfoliators. This formula goes from a gel to a milky consistency when mixed with water and although it took a little while to get used to, it has over time made my skin feel softer and smoother. 

Simple Spring Skincare Routine

A face oil for me is essential in Winter, but when Spring rolls around it is tempting to ditch it. I like to turn my face oil routine into a massage, using my Jade Roller to de-puff. The Herbivore Emerald Oil* is my go-to as despite taking a little while to full absurd into the skin, it always make my complexion look more radiant and glowing. 

For moisturiser, I have rediscovered an old favourite, the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream which is a tub that is often fought over in our house. It feels so gentle on the skin and is lightweight in formula meaning it sinks in and feels comfortable at night and under makeup. This doesn't mean it lacks moisture though as my skin never fails to feel nourished after use. 

Underneath my makeup, the Volition Snow Mushroom Water Serum* has been a god send these past couple of months. Like it suggests from it's name, it has a consistency like water which makes it lightweight, yet it still has great moisturising properties that works well at making my makeup look and sit better on my skin. Even when I'm not wearing foundation, I'll put this on as although it has no shimmer to it, it somehow transforms my skin from being lacklustre to glowing. 

What products are part of your Spring skincare routine at the moment? 

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