Monday 24 October 2016

4 Things To Do This Halloween

As a massive homebody, when it comes to Halloween I usually end up either having a marathon at the cinema watching scary films or I stay at home with the candles lit, pumpkins everywhere and have a good ol' pamper. Today I am sharing with you some ideas of things to do this Halloween. 

Ghost Walk | Although most ghost walks sell out pretty quickly around Halloween, there may be a few left for you to take part in. I'm sure the atmosphere is scary and is perfect for the 31st. If you can't get on one, why not grab a friend or two and go around your local town having a look at people's costumes and the pumpkins in people's front windows. Another idea would be the look at local tourist attractions; for me Hangman's Hill is an infamous place we go to experience a car rolling backwards up a hill.  

Pick Your Own | Okay, so you probably won't have time to go to a pick your own on the day, but if like myself you like to carve your pumpkin a few days before then this is the perfect activity. I have already got a few pumpkin patch visits scheduled in my diary and I'm sure I will pick up one or two. 

At Home Cinema | For the past couple of years I've gone to the cinema to watch two spooky films back to back and although it's super fun, it can be a little expensive. Making yourself an at home cinema with candy corn, fiendish fancies and your favourite horror movie or TV programme to binge watch. I certainly recommend The Walking Dead, the Paranormal Activities or Zombieland if you fancy something a little bit lighter to watch. 

Pamper | With Lush coming out with their own Halloween range it can be hard to resist delving into a pile of dreamy bubbles. I recommend crumbling Sparkly Pumpkin into the bath, lighting a few candles and losing yourself in a book whilst you bathe. After the bath, I like to paint my nails with Essie Sole Mate, a vampy pick that looks great paired with an all black outfit for the big night - Perfect for those who don't like dressing up! 

What are you planning to do this Halloween?

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