Monday 15 February 2021

Essie Treat Love and Colour

Essie Treat Love and Colour Nail Review

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Essie's nail polishes are some of my favourites and I recently added to my collection in the form of their new Treat, Love and Colour range which promises strength and colour in one bottle. I have four colours to review, so if that sounds like something you'd enjoy then read on. 

When the Essie parcel arrived, my eyes immediately wandered to the shade Final Stretch* which I would describe as a peachy nude. It's got a similar formula to the original Essie nail vanishes, but it does look a little more 'finished' almost looking like a gel nail vanish in appearance. It lasted a considerable amount of time on my nails despite doing gardening and baking, so it gets a thumbs up from me. 

At the moment, the shade Essie Take 10* probably doesn't suit my skin tone very well as I can look washed out, but I was so surprised with how opaque this shade went with two coats. If you enjoy a classic pink shade then this would be the perfect shade for you. 

If you want a slightly darker shade then Punch It Up* may be for you. It's still got that vibrant pink hue to it, but it has a gold running shimmer through it which makes it great if you're opting for a statement nail look. I personally think this is still a little too bright for me, but the gel type finish it super pretty (and looks a lot more expensive than it is!).

Out of the four nail vanish shades that got sent to me, it's the shade Berry Best* that disappointed me. In the bottle it looks like it could be a sister of Essie's Angora Cardi* and I was thrilled by the prospect, but unfortunately it just didn't deliver. It's a beautiful colour, but it just doesn't go opaque enough for me, but if you're still tempted, it'll be handy to know that the glossier looking finish means you can get away with no top coat if you'd like. 

I love an at-home manicure just as much as the next person, but if I'm honest I often skip the cuticle care and just go straight for a nail vanish and hand cream. When the Essie Apricot Nail and Cuticle Oil* arrived, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I find that it's a nice step to add to your routine especially if you suffer with dehydrated nails. 


Monday 8 February 2021

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

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Although it's still very much Winter (the snow is just proving that!), Valentine's Day offers the opportunity to have an early slice of Spring with big rose bouquets and floaty dresses. Despite Valentine's Day being a little different this year, love heart prints and everything pink is still welcomed in my February wardrobe. If you're similar to myself then I hope this post will offer up some inspiration and give you ideas on what to add to your wishlist. 

Monki is one of my favourite brands when I'm looking for some seasonal pieces and this Heart Print Collar is high up on my to-buy list. I think it'd look cute all year round to spruce up some of my jumpers and it would look cute for v-day too! Another Monki top pick is this Scarf Scrunchie which is totally a Spring and Summer vibe - plus practical too.

I think we can all agree a lot of us will be swapping the little black dress out for cosy pyjamas this February 14th and I think this Couture Club Cloud PJ's are absolutely adorable. This print seems to be all the rage at the moment and I think it'd be a great choice for those who aren't a fan of hearts. 


Saturday 6 February 2021

5 Things To Do This Valentine's Day

Things To Do Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day may be a little while yet, but seeing as most of us will be spending it inside this year, I thought I would share some of my ideas of what to do. I've personally started celebrating the month of love pretty early as I thought we all need a little extra love in our life at the moment, so I hope you enjoy this post and get some good ideas for the 14th too!

Remember a card and present 

A gift and a card definitely isn't a necessity if you're celebrating Valentine's Day, you may choose to get one anyway. I always find edible gifts a good idea, but there's many other homemade gifts that would go down a treat. Think a jar full of date night ideas so neither of you ever have to think of one again or maybe put together a hamper full of their favourite things. 

Of course there are more classic gift ideas like a Personalised Constellation Map or this adorable Space Themed Glass Message Bottle which I think are both adorable depending on the vibe you're going for. 

Make a fort to watch a film 

With restaurants being off the menu (excuse the pun!) this year, I think many of us will be turning to a takeaway and a film this year. Why not make it extra special by making a pillow and duvet forte with added fairy lights and decorations to snuggle up in to. Although pyjamas is definitely favoured, why not use it as an excuse to dress up as well - I know I will be in this Unique Vintage Red Off Shoulder Dress*

Have a candle lit dinner (or takeaway!)

If fort aren't your forte (I'll stop now...), then why not go for the classic - a candle lit dinner! Pick your partners favourite meal to cook or takeaway to have and have a night away from your phone. I would personally through in a couple of games into a night like this for some quality time away together. 

Think About Celebrating Galentine's Day 

What's Galentine's Day? Only the best day of the year. Why not use the 13th to share the love a little. Check in on your friends, maybe bake them a cake or send them a card. Set up a zoom call and play a couple of games too! 

Make Everything Heart Shaped 

The simplest and probably favourite thing to do in the run up to Valentine's Day is make everything heart shaped. I think the supermarket have clocked onto this trend as many places do heart shaped pizza and even food like crumpets and pancakes. I definitely think doughnuts and waffles would look great too - can you sense a theme? 

What are you doing this Valentine's Day? 

Tuesday 2 February 2021

Amazon Valentine's Day Home Decorations

Amazon Valentine's Day Home Decorations
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The month of love is here! As a lover of all seasonal events, I thought I would take it upon myself and decorate a little early, what better was to brighten the dull Winter days. Today I have put together my favourite Amazon Valentine's Day picks - think all things heart shaped, pink, sequins and red everything! If that sounds like you, then read on...

One of the items on my wishlist that I knew I had to get was a Heart Shaped Banner, not only would they look cute doted around my home, they could also be used as props for photoshoot too. I do think I need another set though and this Red Heart Garland looks like it'd be great as well! Another item I bought with my Instagram in mind was a Faux Rose Vine Garland that I have draped around my standing mirror for an ultimate Disney princess vibe. 

Next up, I wanted a few items that could create an ambience and these Heart Tea Lights were just too adorable. I actually picked these up last year and got a lot of use out of them. Just perfect for creating a Valentine's Day date night or a romantic feeling bath! The next item isn't quite as understated, but I think it's still fantastic and that's the Valentine Neon Wall Light. I can't believe how adorable it is and it would totally look cute all year round if you have other quirky home decor. 

If candles and bold neon lights aren't your thing, then you may be more inclined to try fairylights. I love any excuse to get my cosy on, so I feel like these Rose Fairy Lights or this Heart Shaped Option would be two great ways to get the atmosphere. 

Lastly, I wanted to talk about balloons. Definitely not a necessity and for many it won't be one you'd even considered for February 14th, but I personally love them. Although I've got the classic red ones, I can't help but swoon over these Heart Shaped Balloons with Confetti - I just think they're a great way to be super extra on Valentine's. 

Have you spotted any cute Valentine's Day home decor lately? 
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