Monday 10 October 2016

6 Things To Read and Watch This Halloween

Halloween is coming up on the 31st, which means I have my fiendish fancies and candy corn at the ready, all set to watch and read all of my spooky favourites. Today I am giving you the run down of my top 6 books to delve into or TV shows to get lost in during this Halloween period. 

Harry Potter | I've gone on and on about how much I love the wizarding world of Harry Potter over the past couple of months, but if you're looking for easy reading or watching then I can not recommend anything more. It includes witches, wizards and magical creatures- perfect for Halloween. 

The Night Circus | The Night Circus is a fantasy book that describes and details every last aspect of the circus so you can envision it for yourself. With a not-so-scary dark story, this is perfect for those who prefer an easy to follow, magical storyline than those which make you jump out your skin. 

American Horror Story | American Horror Story are a series that I have watched twice over now and with the new series, My Roanoke Nightmare, I thought that it needed a little mention. With an array of creepy tales and gripping stories, the AHS series are everything you need this Halloween, but the new series will no doubt have you hiding behind a cushion and not daring to reach for another candy corn.                 

Black Mirror | As series 3 of Black Mirror is returning on the 21st October, I thought I would give you a run up to finish watching the other two series too. Each episode is different from the last and more often than not is a little more bone chilling and creepy -  A must see this Halloween. 

Merlin | If you're after something a little bit more light hearted, then Merlin is your best bet. This magical series about a sorcerer was a programme that I began watching when it first got released, however I have just gone back to it and I'm enjoying every minute. It's easy watching, a little less spooky, but still very magical and is suitable for an afternoon in with a bunch of Halloween snacks.

After Anna | Similar to that of Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train, After Anna is a psychological thriller that will have you gripped for hours. It all starts when a five year old girl goes missing and then is suddenly returned a week later. This book is perfect for those who likes to grab a blanket, a cup of steaming hot tea and sit reading a book for an afternoon. It's nothing too scary, but I'm sure you will finish it in one sitting. 

What would you recommend me watching this Halloween?

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