Sunday 11 June 2017

What I've Learnt From Taking A Break

When you blog regularly like myself, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and even harder to take a proper break. Not opening my laptop up for a week and having very limited phone signal meant that I had no choice but to relax and now I feel better than ever. Here is what I learnt from taking a break for a week. 

Wifi Free? No Problem | Although I liked to check in on Twitter for fifteen minutes a day whenever we happened to be in a cafe with wifi, I didn't pine after the internet like I thought I would. In fact, I quite enjoyed switching off completely, riding bikes around for several hours a day and relaxing with a book or two by the fire. I have to admit though, that instead of aimlessly scrolling through Instagram like I usually would do, this did get switched up with watching episodes of Four In A Bed and Come Dine With Me in the late afternoon whilst we were getting dressed for dinner (Guilty!). 

I Need To Invest In More Books | Not only more books, but more time to read too. I'm forever guilty of only reading before bed, as I find sitting with a page turner so much easier in the Autumn. I followed the tradition of bringing a Harry Potter book on holiday with me and it took me off into my own little world for a while - perfect when paired with the storms we had over the last few days of our break. 

Do I Need To Make It Regular? | I think going away really taught me how much I actually needed it and although it's not possible to go away very often, I've finally realised how much it benefits me to take regular breaks. I'm very guilty of saying I'll have a day of self-care, but end up only having a quarter of the day doing what I want to do. I want to make more time to spend away from my phone. 

I'm Ready To Go Back | I thought on the way back on Friday, it would hit me that I only had a couple more days to go until I was officially back to work, but as I write this post now, I'm actually feeling more inspired than ever. As I daily blog, it's been nice not to have to constantly think of new ideas and never feel like you're ever ahead with work, but I've had a whole week just to ponder and clear my mind ready for the new week. 

Have you taken a break away from your blog recently? 

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