Sunday 18 June 2017

Mid Year Lifestyle Favourites

Following on from my mid-year beauty favourites post I did a few days ago, I thought I would do a lifestyle one too. I have compiled a list full of the books I've been reading, the TV shows I've been watching and the things I've been loving. 

Books | I've kind of fallen off the book bandwagon this year, despite telling myself I would try and read a book a week. Saying that, I have found some new reads including We Were On A Break and non-fiction picks like Dreamopedia and Pretty Honest

TV Shows | Although not a TV show, I have to give a mention to my favourite discovery of 2017; My Dad Wrote A Porno. This podcast is light hearted, funny and a great listen whenever you need a pick me up. In terms of TV shows, I have been making my way through the My Family box set I got for Christmas, a long term favourite of mine as well as enjoying new seasons of Broadchurch, Orange Is The New Black and Love Island. 

Food  | I've really tried to embrace each season and use it as an excuse to switch up my eating habits. I've been finding lots of yummy recipes to try including overnight oats, mushroom curry and mushroom, halloumi and avocado burgers. 

The Places I've Been | Back in February and earlier this month, we went on two staycations to Wales, both being trips that have helped me relax and unwind for a week. In April, we headed back to the Harry Potter tour even though we had only gone six months previously, it was still as magically, if not more, the second time around (A third trip anyone?).

I have also decided to make a bucket list for this year, compiling all the places we want to go, all the things we want to see and what we want to do to ensure that we get everything done. It involves picking fruit, going to Paris and visiting the christmas markets.  

What I've Achieved | Since the new year, I've been working really hard on blog content, photography and the way I promote it. I finally feel settled with the work I'm producing, whilst enjoying it along the way too. I was also beauty editor for Blogosphere's magazine not once, but twice this year which is a huge achievement that I'm proud to celebrate. Although I don't like to track my success by numbers, I thought I'd give a mention to reaching 4,000 followers on Bloglovin - Which is a crazy amount! 

What have you been loving so far this year? 

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